​Build a Digital Interactive Electronic Business Card

Build a Digital Interactive Electronic Business Card

Make yourself stand out with a Digital Interactive Electronic Business Card.


Digital Electronic Interactive Business Card


Step 1: Parts:

You will need:

1x – Arduino Pro Mini 3.3v 8mhz ATMega328P version.

The program code/sketch will not fit on the ATMega168 version. You must buy the “328P” version with the higher flash and sram size. You must use the 3.3v version to run off of a coin battery.

1x – 128×64 OLED Display I2C version. Get the I2C version with 4 pins only.

1x – Lighted pushbutton switch.

1x – CR2032 3.3v Coin Battery

1x – CR2032 Coin Battery PCB Holder. Get the slimmest you can find.

1x – 5×7 cm PCB board.

1x – 220 ohm resistor

1x – 4.7k ohm resistor

1x – FTDI to USB for programming the Arduino Pro Mini. Might need header pins or wires to make the connection.

Misc- Soldering gun, solder, time, maybe some ultra micro thin conductive wire for PCB traces


Step 2: Optional: Edit LCD/OLED Graphics


Use LCDAssistant.exe (google to download) to create new 128×64 or 128×44 sized byte array graphics for your own use.

If you want to use Photoshop to cut up an existing graphic, here is what i do:
1 Google search for a black and white image 2 open in Photoshop 3 Image ->Mode -> Grayscale 4 Image -> Mode -> Bitmap @ 300 dpi 5 Crop to 128×64 or 128×44 pixels @ 300 DPI (Image Size and Canvas Size) 6 Save As…. .BMP Now you can open it in LCDAssistant.exe .

Use the settings from the above picture, paste the byte code array into the arduino sketch code. Just replace an existing entry. You just need to replace the byte array part, forget about editing the names in the code (see pic)

LCD Assistant Settings


Step 3: Edit Code and Program Arduino:

Attached is my sketch code.

The button must use Pin 2 or 3 because it supports Interrupts INT on the Arduino.

Edit the variables:




Phone #, etc….

Job Names:

Use your FTDI / USB serial convertor to program the Arduino .ino sketch file using the Arduino IDE software.

Test the newly loaded program by temporarily hooking up all components on a breadboard.

When you are satisfied the code is good, and everything will work, remove the programming header pins from the arduino by unsoldering them. Try to make all surfaces flat, unsharp, and finger friendly.



Step 4: Build It:

In the above Schematic picture, I have highlighted some notes about Pins.

I was able to do all soldering on the backside of the PCB. I made traces using small thin single strands of loose copper wire, and solder.

Lastly, once all soldered together and working, clip and sand down the backside pins and contacts to make it smooth to the touch. No sharp edges :> !


Back of PCB

Step 5: Next Steps: Make It Low Power!

-To Do:

Add Wifi Module and sdcard to serve up a Resume.pdf file over open Wifi.

-Things to make the battery last longer:

Reduce the Pushbutton LED pulse.

Increase the Pushbutton LED pulse step (fade amount).

Remove the Arduino Power LED.

Edit code to use Arduino Interrupt pins:



HomeKit HomeBridge Enabled Arduino ESP8266 Self Powered 110v Wifi Controlled Powerswitch


Why buy a UL Listed iDevices Switch when you can potentially electrocute yourself or start a fire with a self built alternative instead?

Here’s how!

First, you must install HomeBridge on a Raspberry Pi, and configure it as a HomeKit bridge device. Instructions below.

Once you have HomeKit / HomeBridge working on your Pi and your iPhone, we can build a wireless power switch that can be controlled by Siri and the HomeKit app.

We start with a PowerTail2, and use the ESP8266 to control the on/off line.

We power the ESP8266 with a AMS1117 3.3V Power Supply Module. This brings the 5v from the charger down to the proper 3.3v that the ESP8266 needs.

We provide the power with a used cell phone charger. 110v -> 5v. This is wired directly to the ‘Line’ side of the PowerTail2 circuit board. It is always ‘Live’ or ‘Hot’ and will shock you.

We Load the code into the ESP8266 via your favorite USB/Serial converter (FTDI).

We plug it in. Homekit sees the device via the HomeBridge configuration file addition (accessory) on the Raspberry Pi.

You control the device on your iPhone, and turn electricity on and off at will.

More info to come.












Step 1 Build It:

Solder it together.

1x PowerTail II Power switch kit $19.99 + shipping

1x ESP8266 ESP-01 module $5.50

1x AMS1117-3.3 Power Module AMS1117 3.3V Power Supply Module With Heat Sink $0.99

1x 110v to 5v/1A used cell phone charger

1x small Perfboard for circuit approx 2″x1.25″ inch

2x 110v extension cord to cut up $1.99 each at Home Depot

1x small SPST on/off switch

Step 2: Edit the HomeBridge /var/homebridge/config.json file on the Raspberry Pi HomeBridge

the file may alternatively be in /home/.homebridge or /root/home/./homebridge. read the docs from the github link


Ensure this plugin is installed. It may be installed by default in the newer versions:


Program the ESP8266. Upon powering up (3.3v do not use 5V!) it should be seen on the network.

Try something like . You should get a webpage returned.

Assuming your ESP8266 pulls a DHCP ip of :

(you should probably set a DHCP reservation on your router, for each ESP8266 you add)

add this code to the config.json file. ( sudo nano /var/homebridge/config.json) etc:

mind the last comma, you may or may not need it if you have other accessories, or Homebridge is crashing on load.

{ “accessory”: “Http”,
“name”: “PowerTail”,
“on_url”: “”,
“off_url”: “”,
“http_method”: “GET”

Step 3: ESP8266 Arduino Code

/* * This sketch demonstrates how to set up a simple HTTP-like server.
* The server will set a GPIO pin depending on the request
* http://server_ip/gpio/0 will set the GPIO0 low,
* http://server_ip/gpio/1 will set the GPIO0 high
* server_ip is the IP address of the ESP8266 module, will be
* printed to Serial when the module is connected.


const char* password = "EDITMEWITHYOURWIFIPASSWORD";

// Create an instance of the server
// specify the port to listen on as an argument
WiFiServer server(80);

void setup() {
pinMode(LED_BUILTIN, OUTPUT); // Initialize the LED_BUILTIN pin as an output
// prepare GPIO0
pinMode(0, OUTPUT);
digitalWrite(0, 0);

// Connect to WiFi network
//Serial.print("Connecting to ");

WiFi.begin(ssid, password);

while (WiFi.status() != WL_CONNECTED) {
//Serial.println("WiFi connected");

// Start the server
//Serial.println("Server started");

// Print the IP address

void loop() {
// Check if a client has connected
WiFiClient client = server.available();
if (!client) {

// Wait until the client sends some data
//Serial.println("new client");

// Read the first line of the request
String req = client.readStringUntil('\r');

// Match the request
int val;
if (req.indexOf("/gpio/0") != -1)
val = 0;
else if (req.indexOf("/gpio/1") != -1)
val = 1;
else {
//Serial.println("invalid request");

// Set GPIO0 according to the request
digitalWrite(0, val);
digitalWrite(LED_BUILTIN, val); // Turn the LED on (Note that LOW is the voltage level

// Prepare the response
String s = "HTTP/1.1 200 OK\r\nContent-Type: text/html\r\n\r\n\r\n
\r\nGPIO is now ";
s += (val)?"high":"low";
s += "


// Send the response to the client
//Serial.println("Client disonnected");

// The client will actually be disconnected
// when the function returns and 'client' object is detroyed

Step 4: Test the new Accessory in iOS HomeKit App

Step 5: Don’t Electrocute Yourself.







EvilRuxpin – The Chippy Ruxpin Alternative – Hacking a Teddy Ruxpin with Next Thing Co. C.H.I.P $9 Linux Computer to Play Heavy Metal

EvilRuxpin – The Chippy Ruxpin Alternative – Hacking a Teddy Ruxpin with Next Thing Co. C.H.I.P $9 Linux Computer to Play Heavy Metal

So, I modified a Chippy Ruxpin into a more ‘evil’ form as a gift for a coworker.

1. Build a Chippy Ruxpin out of a C.H.I.P. and an old Teddy Ruxpin
2. Make it evil. Make it say random evil scary things every few minutes, and make the eyes glow red with an LED
3. Make it wifi. It is now ad-hoc so no keyboard is needed. Smartphone controllable!
4. Add DHCP server, so your smartphone can connect and pull an IP, so you can load the web gui over wifi
5. Add an 3W stereo audio amplifier. Stock ruxpin speaker + CHIP audio is kinda wimpy.  DC 5V PAM8403 Audio Stereo Amplifier Board Volume Control Class D Kit Module
6. Add a big battery, maybe a 5w solar panel to charge the battery.
7. put a heavy metal t shirt on Teddy.
8. option to play stored heavy metal .mp3’s using mplayer in linux, controllable on the webgui page from a smartphone.
I chose Blackened by Metallica as the first Heavy Metal song played thru a Teddy Ruxpin ever in the history of the Earth. Yes my Teddy Ruxpin plays Metallica in stereo on command via wifi from my smartphone.
Dont’ forget to put an .mp3 file in /home/chip/Desktop/m.mp3. Obviously we are going to change this to play many many metal .mp3’s. ‘Cause that’s rad. Teddy Ruxpin Metal Beats Pill. If only I could figure out how to make the mouth/eyes move while mplayer plays an .mp3…………hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
9. do it all as a boot script so no user input is needed after power on.

I’ve done it! (except the LED/GPIO part)

More to come! to do:
to do: integrate amazon echo hack, so that replys move the mouth and eyes of Ruxpin.

So, here are the basic steps (updates to come):
flash CHIP with 4.3 headless. 4.4 wifi? doesn’t seem to work even if you modify the GPIO variables in the .py script.
enable a wifi connection, apt-get update and apt-get upgrade
install all the chippy crap from the link below

sudo apt-get install python-setuptools python-dev build-essential espeak alsa-utils
sudo apt-get install python-alsaaudio python-numpy python-twitter python-bottle mplayer

-get chippy working
apt-get install isc-dhcp-server, again see link below
apt-get install bc , this lets ./battery.sh work, so you can monitory your LiPo 3.7v battery from linux
apt install wireless-tools     (this step may break your normal wifi managed mode connection setup.  its ad-hoc w no internet from here out, so if you want to install more software from the internet, do it before this step)

edit /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf:
wired device not managed

Most probably your interface appears in /etc/network/interfaces. By default, NetworkManager does not manage interfaces that appear in /etc/network/interfaces. You can change this behaviour.

To do this – in a terminal:

sudo nano /etc/NetworkManager/NetworkManager.conf

change the line managed=false to managed=true

Save, stop and start network manager:

sudo service network-manager restart

-configure that bitch /etc/dhcp/dhcp.conf
-configure /etc/network something/ interfaces to use ip and dns, see links below
-configure wlan0 to always use because we are evil
-config wlan0 as ad-hoc wifi on channel 6 see just below this
-config /etc/rc.local to do all this crap at boot, no login needed to turn on wifi and dhcp, and python script

edit /etc/network/interfaces make the ip cause we are evil:
source-directory /etc/network/interfaces.d
auto wlan0
iface wlan0 inet static

edit /etc/rc.local code:
iwconfig wlan0 mode ad-hoc channel 6 essid “EvilRuxpin”
ifconfig wlan0 up
sudo service isc-dhcp-server start
cd ChippyRuxpin cause i installed under root
python /root/ChippyRuxpin/chippyRuxpin.py

sample /etc/dhcp/dhcp.conf code for ez ip’s baby:
option domain-name “Evil.Ruxpin”
default-lease-time 600;
max-lease-time 7200;
subnet netmask {
option subnet-mask;
option routers;
option domain-name-servers;

after a editing /etc/rc.local, /etc/network/interfaces and /etc/dhcp/dhcp.conf, reboot.
once booted up, you should be able to connect to ad-hoc wifi “EvilRuxpin”
it should serve up a DHCP address between
goto or 80
page should load

note: my stupid dell laptop would not connect to the ad-hoc wifi, but my iphone 5s would.

Chippy Ruxpin:

Pinouts H Bridge

C.H.I.P wifi adhoc/dhcp server:

Amazon Echo Hack for CHIP(to do!):


Next Thing Co CHIP GPIO:

CHIP Linux misc:

3.7v lipo battery
battery.sh python-run-external-command-and-get-output/

Evil Ruxpin

Rear of Evil Ruxpin

H Bridge

Chippy Ruxpin

CHIP 3.7v LiPO battery

CHIP $9 Linux Computer

Back of Ruxpin

Chippy Ruxpin Audio Amp


# Chippy Ruxpin by Next Thing Co
# Powered by C.H.I.P., the world's first $9 computer!

# apt-get install python-setuptools python-dev build-essential espeak alsa-utils
# apt-get install python-alsaaudio python-numpy python-twitter python-bottle mplayer

# In order to retrieve tweets, you need to authorize this code to use your twitter account.
# This involves obtaining some special tokens that are specific to you.
# Please visit Twitter’s website to obtain this information and put the values in the variables below.
# For more information, visit this URL:
# https://dev.twitter.com/oauth/overview/application-owner-access-tokens


import sys
import time
import subprocess
import os
from random import randint
from threading import Thread
from chippyRuxpin_audioPlayer import AudioPlayer
from chippyRuxpin_gpio import GPIO
from chippyRuxpin_twitter import ChippyTwitter
from chippyRuxpin_webFramework import WebFramework

fullMsg = “”

MOUTH_OPEN = 408 # GPIO pin assigned to open the mouth. XIO-P0
MOUTH_CLOSE = 412 # GPIO pin assigned to close the mouth. XIO-P2
EYES_OPEN = 410 # GPIO pin assigned to open the eyes. XIO-P4
EYES_CLOSE = 414 # GPIO pin assigned to close the eyes. XIO-P6

io = GPIO() #Establish connection to our GPIO pins.
io.setup( MOUTH_OPEN )
io.setup( EYES_OPEN )
io.setup( MOUTH_CLOSE )
io.setup( EYES_CLOSE )


audio = None
wasRunning = False
isRunning = True
print(“isRunning t”)
rcount = 0

def updateMouth():
print(“def updateMouth”)
lastMouthEvent = 0
lastMouthEventTime = 0

while( audio == None ):
time.sleep( 0.1 )
print(“while audio none”)

while isRunning:
if( audio.mouthValue != lastMouthEvent ):
lastMouthEvent = audio.mouthValue
lastMouthEventTime = time.time()

if( audio.mouthValue == 1 ):
io.set( MOUTH_OPEN, 1 )
io.set( MOUTH_CLOSE, 0 )
io.set( MOUTH_OPEN, 0 )
io.set( MOUTH_CLOSE, 1 )
if( time.time() – lastMouthEventTime > 0.4 ):
io.set( MOUTH_OPEN, 0 )
io.set( MOUTH_CLOSE, 0 )

# A routine for blinking the eyes in a semi-random fashion.
def updateEyes():
print(“def updateEyes”)

while isRunning:
print(“before updateEyes”)
io.set( EYES_CLOSE, 1 )
io.set( EYES_OPEN, 0 )
print(“io updateEyes”)
io.set( EYES_CLOSE, 0 )
io.set( EYES_OPEN, 1 )
#io.set( EYES_CLOSE, 1 )
#io.set( EYES_OPEN, 0 )
io.set( EYES_CLOSE, 0 )
io.set( EYES_OPEN, 0 )
time.sleep( randint( 0,1) )
print(“while updateEyes”)

def rtalk():

while isRunning:
#cmd = “sudo sh -c ‘echo 1 > /sys/class/gpio/gpio412/value'”
#subprocess.Popen(cmd,shell=True, stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
global rcount
myTextIndex = 1
rcount = rcount + 1
myTextIndex = ( randint( 0,2) )
if rcount >= 60:
#myTextIndex == 0

if myTextIndex == 0:
myText = “hello fucker!”
elif myTextIndex == 1:
myText = “I can hear you Adam. I know you are talking about me. You don’t want to make me angry ”
elif myTextIndex == 2:
myText = “Hey! give me the pipe back”
myText = ‘single quotes this is option 4’
#return MyText
rcount = 0

def talk(myText):
global rcount
rcount = 0
if( myText.find( “playmetal” ) >= 0 ):
myText += “0”
myText = myText[7:-1]
cmd = “mplayer /home/chip/Desktop/m.mp3”
subprocess.Popen(cmd,shell=True, stdout=subprocess.PIPE)

# myText = twitter.getTweet( myText )
# print( “!!!ERROR: INVALID TWITTER CREDENTIALS. Please read README.md for instructions.”)

os.system( “espeak \”,…\” 2>/dev/null” ) # Sometimes the beginning of audio can get cut off. Insert silence.
time.sleep( 0.5 )
subprocess.call([“espeak”, “-w”, “speech.wav”, myText, “-s”, “130”])

# cmd = “mplayer /home/chip/Desktop/m.mp3”
# subprocess.call(cmd,shell=True, stdout=subprocess.PIPE)
#cmd = “mplayer /home/chip/Desktop/m.mp3”
#subprocess.Popen(cmd,shell=True, stdout=subprocess.PIPE)

#cmd = “sudo echo 0 > /sys/class/gpio/gpio408/value”
#subprocess.call(cmd,shell=True, stdout=subprocess.PIPE)

print(“done talking”)

return myText

#os.system( “sudo axp209 –no_limit” )
mouthThread = Thread(target=updateMouth)
eyesThread = Thread(target=updateEyes)
rtalkThread = Thread(target=rtalk)

print(“started aand played”)

audio = AudioPlayer()

if( consumerKey.find( ‘TWITTER’ ) >= 0 ):
print( “WARNING: INVALID TWITTER CREDENTIALS. Please read README.md for instructions.” )
twitter = ChippyTwitter(consumerKey,consumerSecret,accessTokenKey,accessTokenSecret)

print(“def userinput”)
def userInput():
print(“start userinput”)
while isRunning:
user_input = raw_input(“some input:”)
print(“while userinput”)

print(“userinput thread”)
inputThread = Thread(target=userInput)

web = WebFramework(talk)
print(“webframe done”)
isRunning = False
print(“isrunning false”)

print(“io cleanup”)



#!/usr/bin/env python
# Chippy Ruxpin by Next Thing Co 2015
# Powered by C.H.I.P., the world's first $9 computer!

from bottle import run, get, post, request, route, redirect
import socket

preset1=”Hello Adam, would you like to hear some Heavy Metal?”
preset2=”Hello Adam, would you like to hear some Heavy Metal?”

print(“web start”)
class WebFramework:
def __init__(self,func):
self.ip = [(s.connect((‘’, 80)), s.getsockname()[0], s.close()) for s in [socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_DGRAM)]][0][1]
print( “———“)
print( “In your browser, go to ” + str(self.ip) + “:8080”)
print( “———“)
self.talkFunc = func

def index():
return ”’

What do you want Chippy Ruxpin to say? (Or type \”playmetal\” followed by some search terms):













def speak():
speech = request.forms.get(‘speech’)
self.talkFunc( speech )

print(“def speak”)

run(host=self.ip, port=8080, debug=True)

this part of the code does not format well in wordpress . it is:
LESS THAN SYMBOL form action=”/” method=”post” GREATER THAN SYMBOL
preset11: LESS THAN SYMBOL input name=”speech” type=”text” size=”96″ value=”one of these days, _ _ _ _ I am going to kill that fucking cat'” / GREATER THAN SYMBOL

LESS THAN SYMBOL input value=”Go!” type=”submit” / GREATER THAN SYMBOL


#!/usr/bin/env python
# Chippy Ruxpin by Next Thing Co 2015
# Powered by C.H.I.P., the world's first $9 computer!

#!/usr/bin/env python

import alsaaudio as aa
import audioop
from time import sleep
import struct
import math
import array
import numpy as np
import wave
import os
import subprocess

class AudioPlayer:
def __init__(self):
subprocess.Popen(‘amixer cset numid=1 100%’ ,shell=True, stdout=subprocess.PIPE ) # Set PA mixer volume to 100%
subprocess.Popen(‘amixer cset numid=2 2’ ,shell=True, stdout=subprocess.PIPE ) # Set right mixer to be “right” (2)
subprocess.Popen(‘amixer cset numid=3 1’ ,shell=True, stdout=subprocess.PIPE ) # Set left mixer to be “left” (1)
subprocess.Popen(‘amixer cset numid=4 1′ ,shell=True, stdout=subprocess.PIPE ) # Set DAC self.output to be “Direct” (2… or 1 for “Mixed” if you prefer)
self.prevAudiovalue = 0
self.mouthValue = 0

def play(self,fileName):
# Initialise matrix

# Set up audio
wavfile = wave.open(fileName,’r’)
chunk = 1024
output = aa.PCM(aa.PCM_PLAYBACK, aa.PCM_NORMAL)

data = wavfile.readframes(chunk)
while data!=”:
# Split channel data and find maximum volume
channel_l=audioop.tomono(data, 2, 1.0, 0.0)
channel_r=audioop.tomono(data, 2, 0.0, 1.0)
max_vol_factor =5000
max_l = audioop.max(channel_l,2)/max_vol_factor
max_r = audioop.max(channel_r,2)/max_vol_factor

for i in range (1,8):

data = wavfile.readframes(chunk)
data = None

os.system( ‘/etc/init.d/alsa-utils restart’ )
sleep( .25 )

def generateMouthSignal(self,val):
delta = val – self.prevAudiovalue
if( delta < -2 or val == 0 ): self.mouthValue = 0 elif( delta > 0 ):
self.mouthValue = 1

self.prevAudiovalue = val

Cheap Homemade DIY AIS 162mhz SDR Antenna

Homemade AIS VHF 162mHz antenna. Getting 20nm + range ship tracking. Two wire coat hangers, some cheap CATV coax, and a Costco margarita mix bottle

I am getting 20+ nautical mile coverage with this simple cheap antenna.

Using a $10 ebay RTL SDR dongle, SDR#, AISMON and OpenCPN

Here are your references:

AIS Antenna SDR Cheap Easy Homemade


AIS SDR Antenna

I don’t know how, but somehow I picked up a ship over 117nm away. I’m pretty sure this is over the horizon, so I do not know how this is possible unless its a reflection of the signal, or this homemade AIS antenna just got a lot of gain somehow…

Somehow, I am getting like 120 nautical mile range with this antenna, I cannot figure out why I am getting such good range in one direction.

now getting over 400 nautical mile range AIS with this homemade monopole, how is that possible?

So it seems that when the antenna fell down, it broke the solder on my horizontal radials that are connected to the ground/braid of the coax cable feeding the antenna. So, it looks like the minor adjustment of just a few millimeters, really improved or ‘super tuned’ this antenna. It seems to be slightly directional in the direction of the radials (North and South in my case), however it certainly improved or doubled my ‘straight out’ reception as well. Over all this is like a 200% improvement in range. So the leason here is, if you are getting poor 20nm reception, try extending the length or distance of those two 46mm radials. Either that or my SDR RTL dongle just got a whole lot more sensitive or clean signal…

LIVE RADIO Laguna Beach/Orange County Countywide Emergency LBFD-Accidents-CHP-Heli-Major Incidents


Orange County California Countywide Coordinated Communications System (CCCS) Live Radio

System Name: Countywide Coordinated Communications System (CCCS)
Location: Orange County, CA
County: Orange
System Type: Motorola Type II SmartZone
System Voice: Analog and APCO-25 Common Air Interface
Last Updated: May 2, 2016, 3:18 pm (Updated Function Tag assignments for 5 talkgroups)
System ID Connect Tone
6C3F 90.0

EMS (Field-to-Hospital) Talkgroups 

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag
3920 0f5 A 4G FLD/ER N 4G ALS-No Contact (North) Hospital
4272 10b A 5K FLD/ER S 5K ALS-No Contact (South) Hospital
6896 1af A MED-CALL 6A Assignment (“OCC”) Hospital
6928 1b1 A MED-N1 6B North 1 Hospital
6960 1b3 A MED-N2 6C North 2 Hospital
6992 1b5 A MED-NW 6D Northwest Hospital
7024 1b7 A MED-S1 6E South 1 Hospital
7056 1b9 A MED-S2 6F South 2 Hospital
7088 1bb A MED-SW 6G Southwest Hospital
7120 1bd A MED-CO1 6H Countywide 1 Hospital
7152 1bf A MED-CO2 6I Countywide 2 Hospital
7184 1c1 A MED-CO3 6J Countywide 3 Hospital
7216 1c3 A MED-LAB 6K Laguna Beach Hospital

Hospital-to-OCC Talkgroups 

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag
27360 6ae D HOC-HOC All Base Hospitals (Broadcast) Hospital
27520 6b8 D HMHP Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian Hospital
27680 6c2 D HBH Huntington Beach Hospital Hospital
27840 6cc D MHRMC Mission Hospital Regional Medical Center Hospital
28000 6d6 D SJMC St Jude Medical Center Hospital
28160 6e0 D UCI MC UC Irvine Medical Center Hospital
28320 6ea D OCGMC Orange County Global Medical Center – Santa Ana Hospital

Additional Fire/EMS/EOC Talkgroups 

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag
4432 115 A SIL-TAC 7D Silverado Canyon Tactical Fire-Tac
4464 117 A CRB-TAC 7E Carbon Canyon Tactical Fire-Tac
4496 119 A TRAVEL 7A TravelNet Fire-Tac
4528 11b A EBY-TAC 7F Emerald Bay Tactical Fire-Tac
6800 1a9 A EOC 7B EOC to EOC Operations Fire-Tac
20960 51e E ARSON 7C Arson Investigators Fire-Tac

Dispatch/Coordination Talkgroups 

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag
6736 1a5 A AIRCALL Aircraft Dispatching/Hailing Interop
20800 514 E PIO-PIO Public Information Officer Coordination Interop
27200 6a4 D DSP-DSP Dispatch Center Coordination Interop

Public Works Shared (BROWN) Talkgroups 

For shared use by any public works or city service departments.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag
36000 8ca D BROWN-N Public Works Shared – North Interop
36032 8cc D BROWN-S Public Works Shared – South Interop
36064 8ce D BROWN-1 Public Works Shared Tac – North Cell Interop
36096 8d0 D BROWN-2 Public Works Shared Tac – Northwest Cell Interop
36128 8d2 D BROWN-3 Public Works Shared Tac – South Cell Interop
36160 8d4 D BROWN-4 Public Works Shared Tac – Southwest Cell Interop
36192 8d6 D BROWN-5 Public Works Shared Tac – Laguna Cell Interop
36224 8d8 D BROWN-6 Public Works Shared Tac – Countywide Cell Interop

Countywide Interoperability (TAN) Talkgroups 

For interop between police, fire, lifeguard and public works countywide.

DEC HEX Mode Alpha Tag Description Tag
6256 187 A TAN-CALL Countywide Calling (Any Unit to Control 1) (9A) Interop
6288 189 A TAN-N Countywide Interop – North (9B) Interop
6320 18b A TAN-S Countywide Interop – South (9C) Interop
6352 18d A TAN-1 Countywide Interop Tac – North Cell (9D) Interop
6384 18f A TAN-2 Countywide Interop Tac – Northwest Cell (9E) Interop
6416 191 A TAN-3 Countywide Interop Tac – South Cell (9F) Interop
6448 193 A TAN-4 Countywide Interop Tac – Southwest Cell (9G) Interop
6480 195 A TAN-5 Countywide Interop Tac – Laguna Cell (9H) Interop
6512 197 A TAN-6 Countywide Interop Tac – Countywide Cell (9I) Interop
30688 77e E TAN-7 Countywide Interop Tac Interop
30720 780 E TAN-8 9K Joint Hazmat Assessment Team Interop

Install Windows 10 when the Reserve button does not work or the Get Windows 10 app icon does not appear

If your Windows 10 ‘Reserve’ button in Windows Updates does not do anything, or you do not have the ‘Get Windows 10’ icon or program, there is an easy way to obtain the .iso or initiate the Windows 10 installer from within Windows 7.

Windows 10 Upgrade this PC now

Windows 10 iso creation

Just download and run the MediaCreationTool.exe. It allows you to begin upgrading to Windows 10 directly, or create a .iso or USB installer.


Windows 10 Reserve

TK103 GPS Car Tracker – Installation, SIM Card Service and Use – RedPocket GSMA PayGo SIM

TK103 GPS Car Tracker – Installation, SIM Card and Use


HOT Vehicle Car GPS Tracker TK103A Real-time tracking Google Map Link Cut Engine

So I bought a 2014 Honda Civic Coupe for my wife. Hot red in color. Seeing as this is one of the most stolen cars in America, I thought a small investment in a car GPS tracker was a good idea.
So I bought a TK103 unit on ebay for about $60. The SIM was $10, but I think you can find it for $0.99 on ebay. Here is what I learned:

-If you can install a car stereo, you can install this thing

Use RedPocket $5 PayGo SIM and service. The $5 refills are good for 15 days. It is the cheapest SIM card and service you can buy for 3G devices. This is a voice/SMS plan, it is not a data plan. If you have an arduino and want to send temperature sensor data over the internet, then this is not the SIM card and cell service plan that you want. This is a plain old 3G voice plan with TXT. I considered buying the $50/6 month plan but realized that I don’t always need to be tracking. Its mainly for a stolen car situation. I have already tested letting a $5 refill expire, then ordering up a new $5 refill and the phone reactivates (had to call RedPocket customer service to hurry the refill activation along).

*********UPDATE JAN 1 2017 ************

AT&T has discontinued their 2G service in the USA.  I was able to get RedPocket to send me a new GSMT (tmobile) 4G SIM card, and had them port over the number and account.  Tmobile/RedPocket Pay as you go Refills are $10 for 30 days.  This is the cheapest SIM and service I can find.  I can confirm that the RedPocket GSMT pay as you go tmobile SIM works in the TK103 GPS tracker as of 1/23/2017.  If you have trouble, send the SMS command ‘begin123456’ and re-initialize the tracker once the new sim is in and the power has been cycled.

*********UPDATE JAN 1 2017 ************

-YOU NEED AT&T SIM, not TMOBILE !!! Get the ‘GSMA’ SIM, not the GSMT sim. A for AT&T and T for tmobile. AT&T offers the cheapest PAY AS YOU GO SIM plan. If you get the Tmobile SIM, you have to pay $30 a month for service. With the AT&T SIM, you can pay as little as $10 per 30 days. Or do like me and only refill $5 worth of AT&T when I need to track the car.

RedPocket SIM Card Service and Use – RedPocket GSMA PayGo SIM


Installed the tracker and GPS antenna behind the dash. I have not hooked up the relay to the fuel pump yet. I plan on doing that someday soon. In theory, I could shut off the fuel pump (and therefore car) with an alert sent via SMS text from my cell phone (iPhone 5s). The TK103 GPS tracker has a feature where the car will only cut the fuel pump at speeds under 20mph. This makes for a great chance of recovering the stolen car in my book.

Anyways, the system is working so far. I can test the unit and it gives me a checkup reply via SMS within about 20 seconds. It tells me the units powered on, backup battery status (pulling the car’s main battery does not shut off the unit until the backup battery is drained). The status check also tells me if the car is ACC on (driving/parked on), and I could hook up door sensors too if needed.

Simply by calling the cell phone # assigned to the SIM by RedPocket, the unit answers and then hangs up. It will then send me a SMS text reply with the Google Maps URL link to my cell phone. Clicking this places me in Google maps with an accurate readout of the cars immediate position. Should the GPS signal be blocked or cut, it will report the car’s last known position. I can even enable GPRS/APN data and it will send geolocation information over the cellular data network/internet.

Not bad for $60(TK103) + 10(SIM) + 10(two $5 refills).

More updates to come.

*********UPDATE MAR 11 2017 ************

Tmobile is now offering $3/mo Pay as You Go plans that come with 30 calls/text per month.

This is the best sim deal if you are not using GPRS data (using text based tracking)



TK103 GPS Tracker Youtube Videos

Warranty: 3 Months
Status: New
SKU: OC-776


This tracker TK103A is a new product based on the GSM / GPRS network and GPS satellite positioning system, which set multiple functions of security, positioning, monitoring surveillance, emergency alarms and tracking in its entirety. It can track and monitor remote target by SMS or internet. Now it also has SD Card Slot function!

●Support both GPS & LBS (Location based service)
●Support SMS/GPRS/Internet Network data transmission (GPRS/Internet instructions in CD enclosed)
●Support GPRS on-line and GPRS re-connected automatically if GPRS drops
●Support SMS / GPRS dual-mode switching
●Support configuration by remote terminal.
●Support for point-to-point, point to group, group-to-group monitoring.
●Set multiple functions of security, positioning, monitoring surveillance, emergency alarms and tracking in its entirety.
●Support motion detection, external alarm output, and Email photo, FTP photo , FTP record, when alarm is triggered.
●Certified by Microsoft activeX, no worry to be invaded by virus.












GPS chip

SIRF3 chip


Simcom300d or Simcom340d

GPS sensitivity


GPS accuracy


Time to first fix

Cold status 45s Warm status 35s Hot status 1s

Voltage of car power system

12V input

Car charger output

Cut off the power and the oil system and control the power system:0V

Car power input

door 0V(Negative trigger) or 12V(positive trigger) ACC:12V

sensor: 0V SOS button: 0V


Chargeable changeable 3.7V 800mAh Li-ion battery

Storage Temp.

-40°C to +85°C

Operation Temp.

-20°C to +55°C


5%–95% non-condensing

Please check as following link to do this item:


Main Functions:

* Single Locating
*Dialing the tracker device, it will respond to a real-time latitude and longitude information.
* Successive Locating Automatically
* Get location in real street/address name
*Note: You must set up the APN of your local GSM network for the SIM card in tracker first before using this function.
* Monitor–user can dial up the tracker device to monitor the voice.
* Alarms–Low battery alarm, Power off alarm, SOS.
* Geo-fence
* Movement alarm
* Overspeed alarm
* Cut off/ Resume the Oil and Power System
* Set up arm by SMS
* Alarms under Arm State–door alarm, Sensor alarm, ACC alarm.
* Set up silent mode by SMS

* Once the alarm is triggered, tracker will send alarm SMS to authorized number.
* No GSM Network Alarm
* Check the Vehicle State
* Tracker’s Hardware Resetting
* SD Card Slot
* GPS drift suppression

Package include:

1xGPS Antenna 3 meters long
1xGSM Antenna 3 meters long
1×1.5 Meters Microphone
1×10 PIN Harness
1xUser Manuals (English)



*********UPDATE JAN 1 2017 ************

AT&T has discontinued their 2G service in the USA.  I was able to get RedPocket to send me a new GSMT (tmobile) 4G SIM card, and had them port over the number and account.  Tmobile/RedPocket Pay as you go Refills are $10 for 30 days.  This is the cheapest SIM and service I can find.  I can confirm that the RedPocket GSMT pay as you go tmobile SIM works in the TK103 GPS tracker as of 1/23/2017.  If you have trouble, send the SMS command ‘begin123456’ and re-initialize the tracker once the new sim is in and the power has been cycled.

Sony Online Entertainment Accounts Vulnerable to Brute Force Password Reset

Sony Online Entertainment Accounts Vulnerable to Brute Force Password Reset

A few months ago I began to recieve numerous spam emails from Sony Online Entertainment. Obviously, some poor kid had typed in my email address instead of his own when signing up for the online gaming platform.
As a nice guy, I sent SOE customer service an email asking for my email address to be removed. ( I do not like being awoken by a beeping cell phone in the middle of the night). Sure, I could have just flagged the email as SPAM, and gone on with my life. But I thought the honest, correct and ‘right’ thing to do was to get this poor kids account actually corrected.

I received no response from Sony Online Entertainment Customer Service.

After being awoken several times more, my attitude for SOE turned ‘twords the unfavorable side. I thought, “why don’t these people simply respond, and why won’t they stop sending me crap when requested?”. So I attempted to have this corrected once again:

to Sony
God fucking admit you have the wrong email address stop sending me this

Sent from my iPhone

On Feb 27, 2015, at 4:40 PM, Sony Entertainment Network wrote:

Sony Entertainment
Wallet Transaction Notification: Funds Added.

Dear glenn,

The requested funds have been added to your Sony Entertainment Network wallet. The transaction details are provided below for your records.

Thank you,
The Sony Entertainment Network Team

Online ID: imabad460
Order Number: 8052327724
Date Purchased 02/18/2015 @ 11:10 AM
Charge Method: MC 5516********4375
Funds Added To Wallet: $9.99

Current Wallet Amount*: $9.99
*This wallet amount is current as of the date and time of this transaction.

To update your marketing preferences, please click here.

This e-mail message has been delivered from a send-only address. Please do not reply to this message. For more information about your account, please visit the links below.


Terms of Use and Privacy Policy:

“Sony Entertainment Network” and “Sony Entertainment Network Logo” are trademarks of Sony Corporation.


Again, no response. Poor ‘little imabad460. It seems SOE is not interested in fixing this problem for its customer.

Then in March of 2015, after being awoke several times again from SOE spam, I decided to call SOE customer support. The nice foreign guy at the call center did not seem to be concerned that their company was sending out spam to non customers after being asked nicely not to. He said he would send me a password reset. I told him that was the problem, please stop doing so. He then demanded my name, and I explained to him that my name is irrelevant since I am not an SOE customer. This went on and on and they said they would send a verification email to the email address in question. They did, and I responded with:

Do Not Reply do-not-reply@playstation.sony.com via rg4l6fsz62gjayab.5q95zs6dsyqcprg9.a50sj.i-h5efeac.na15.bnc.salesforce.com
Mar 18 (4 days ago)

to me
Send the email to “pscustomer_service@playstation.sony.com”

Subject line: ATTN: Sony Entertainment Network account Email Investigations, Case Number#

Body of the email: Include your name and Case number

Be sure to document in the “Case Feed” the email is being used without permission.

05183358 this is the case


Laguna Computer
Mar 18 (4 days ago)

to pscustomer_service@playstation.sony.com
Yes I do not have a Sony account, please stop sending me emails. The account holder has used the wrong email address

Sent from my iPhone

> On Mar 18, 2015, at 12:44 PM, Do Not Reply wrote:
> Send the email to “pscustomer_service@playstation.sony.com”
> Subject line: ATTN: Sony Entertainment Network account Email Investigations, Case Number#
> Body of the email: Include your name and Case number
> Be sure to document in the “Case Feed” the email is being used without permission.
> 05183358 this is the case
> ref:_00Di0H5ef._500i0MVrtu:ref


Since then, I just keep receiving Account password links from Sony. So I thought to myself. “I will just fix it myself!”. I clicked on the password reset link that they sent me, and was taken to a birthdate verification page. This is where the exploit was found.

That is when I discovered that the Sony Online Entertainment password reset webpage does not timeout for failout after x amount of attempts. This is a large security hole. By my math it should take 365 dates (1-31x12months) x 40 ‘years’ (1975-2015) approx less than 15,000 attempts before the password reset is brute forced.

Weak Sauce SOE! Can’t you just remove my email address from your system as requested?

Brute Force Vulnerability in Sony Entertainment Online's Account Password Reset Webpage

Brute Force Vulnerability in Sony Entertainment Online’s Account Password Reset Webpage

Controlling Lights with Arduino Uno and Ethernet Shield from Cell Phone SMS text using Twilio and Temboo over the Internet

Here is the meat of this project.
Controlling your Christmas lights with Text Messages by VisionaryNutcases

The original code is for an Arduino YUN. The YUNs have built in ethernet and some code had to be changed to get it to work with my standard Uno with an ethernet shield.
Basically i had to strip out the Console.print and the Bridge.h commands, changing them to Serial.print . Also ,I had to shift the response string lookup digits a few places, because it was offset with the original YUN code. I just copied the RESPONSE from the serial monitor into Notepad, and counted the digits by using the right arrow key, taking note to count the spaces as well.

Here is the modified code that works on an Arduino Uno with an Ethernet shield. Dont forget to get your TembooAccount.h file from the temboo site.
Also, I had issues with the header code box not populating correctly while following the instructions. Try hitting refresh, switch between Arduino YUN and Arduino code using the box at the top of the temboo website.

You will need to edit the code below to include YOUR twilio auth code and ID. This code will turn a LED on digital pin7 if you send a text as “lights on” and turn the led off if you send “lights off”

/* Setup shield-specific #include statements */
/*Use the pic above, for the header setup, my WordPress software hides the code from this part in this post */
#include "TembooAccount.h" // Contains Temboo account information

/*REPLACE THE FIRST 10 Lines with those shown in the pic above ^ */

byte ethernetMACAddress[] = ETHERNET_SHIELD_MAC;
EthernetClient client;

int numRuns = 1; // Execution count, so this doesn't run forever
int maxRuns = 5; // Maximum number of times the Choreo should be executed
int ledPin = 13; // Led for debug
int buzzerPin = 2; // buzzer's connected to pin 2
int lightsPin = 7; // The pin where your Xmas lights are connected to.
int timeToWait = 600000; //Delay between calls
String bodyMsgLast = "none"; // This variable holds the last text message read.

void setup() {

// For debugging, wait until the serial console is connected.

if (Ethernet.begin(ethernetMACAddress) == 0) {

Serial.println("Setup complete.\n");

//Set Outputs
pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT);
pinMode(lightsPin, OUTPUT);
pinMode(buzzerPin, OUTPUT);

//Turn lights off on boot up
digitalWrite(lightsPin, HIGH);
delay(5000); //simulates a button press for 5 seconds
digitalWrite(lightsPin, LOW);



void loop() {
if (numRuns <= maxRuns) { Serial.println("Running GetLastMessageThatContains - Run #" + String(numRuns++)); TembooChoreo GetLastMessageThatContainsChoreo(client); // Invoke the Temboo client GetLastMessageThatContainsChoreo.begin(); // Set Temboo account credentials GetLastMessageThatContainsChoreo.setAccountName(TEMBOO_ACCOUNT); GetLastMessageThatContainsChoreo.setAppKeyName(TEMBOO_APP_KEY_NAME); GetLastMessageThatContainsChoreo.setAppKey(TEMBOO_APP_KEY); // Set Choreo inputs String AuthTokenValue = "6e0aecedb5461c4ccbc7f72535c7c569"; GetLastMessageThatContainsChoreo.addInput("AuthToken", AuthTokenValue); String FilterValue = "lights"; GetLastMessageThatContainsChoreo.addInput("Filter", FilterValue); String AccountSIDValue = "AC25eb0f996fbe268825f00405885f6fba"; GetLastMessageThatContainsChoreo.addInput("AccountSID", AccountSIDValue); // Set Choreo inputs GetLastMessageThatContainsChoreo.addInput("AuthToken", " PUT YOUR TWILIO AUTH TOKEN HERE "); //Twilio Authentication Token GetLastMessageThatContainsChoreo.addInput("Filter", "ights"); // Filter for incoming messages holding this word GetLastMessageThatContainsChoreo.addInput("AccountSID", " PUT YOUR TWILIO ACCOUNT ID HERE "); //Twilio account ID GetLastMessageThatContainsChoreo.addInput("ResponseMode", "simple"); //Response Mode // Identify the Choreo to run GetLastMessageThatContainsChoreo.setChoreo("/Library/Twilio/SMSMessages/GetLastMessageThatContains"); // Run the Choreo; when results are available, print them to serial GetLastMessageThatContainsChoreo.run(); String bodyMsg; // This contains the whole Message while(GetLastMessageThatContainsChoreo.available()) { char c = GetLastMessageThatContainsChoreo.read(); Serial.print(c); bodyMsg += c; //The characters are being fed to the bodyMsg string } //Serial.println(bodyMsg+ "<-- is bodyMsg" ); if (bodyMsg != bodyMsgLast) { //Only runs if this message is different than the one stored. if (bodyMsg.substring(33, 35) == "on") { //This only works if the 17th to 19 letters are "on"". // This works if you're seinding the message "Lights on" // Characters before Lights on are other info from Twilio // Turn lights on //digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH); //turns on debug LED digitalWrite(lightsPin, HIGH); //delay(800); //digitalWrite(lightsPin, LOW); //Simulated button press for less than a second Serial.println("Lights are on"); //tone(buzzerPin, 2000, 3000); //beeps for 3 seconds } else if (bodyMsg.substring (33, 36) == "off") { //17 20reads "off" from a message saying "Lights off" //digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW); //turns off debug LED //tone(buzzerPin, 4200, 1000); //beeps digitalWrite(lightsPin, LOW); //delay(5000); //simulates a 5 second button press to turn the lights off //digitalWrite(lightsPin, LOW); //delay(1000); Serial.println("Lights are off"); } bodyMsgLast = bodyMsg; //Copies this message to the Last message variable } else { Serial.println("Identical to Last"); //if identical, do nothing. } Serial.println(); Serial.println("Waiting..."); delay(timeToWait); // wait a period between GetLastMessageThatContains calls GetLastMessageThatContainsChoreo.close(); } Serial.println("\nWaiting...\n"); delay(30000); // wait 30 seconds between GetLastMessageThatContains calls }


you must edit your tembooaccount.h file as well. make sure you get an up to date app key FOR YOUR APP from the temboo website.

IMPORTANT NOTE about TembooAccount.h

TembooAccount.h contains your Temboo account information and must be included
alongside your sketch. To do so, make a new tab in Arduino, call it TembooAccount.h,
and copy this content into it.

#define TEMBOO_ACCOUNT "lagunabeachcomputer" // Your Temboo account name
#define TEMBOO_APP_KEY_NAME "myFirstApp" // Your Temboo app key name
#define TEMBOO_APP_KEY "2761f18fae384543af4f... xxxx " // Your Temboo app key

#define ETHERNET_SHIELD_MAC {0xFE, 0xAD, 0xBE, 0xEF, 0xFE, 0xFD}

The same TembooAccount.h file settings can be used for all Temboo SDK sketches.
Keeping your account information in a separate file means you can share the
main .ino file without worrying that you forgot to delete your credentials.

Bitlocker TPM and Active Directory Batch File Script for Windows 7

This DOS batch file script does everything for Bitlocker:

-Updates Group Policy and forces no logoff (we use a separate OU for computers staged to be encrypted)
-Enables the TPM
-Sets the TPM password
-Asks for USB drive letter
-Enables Bitlocker
-Backs up key to USB drive
-Backs up key to Active Directory, creates folder based on Hostname of PC
-Copies .BEK key file from USB drive to the network location of your choice (must edit)

rem bitlocker.bat copyright Galen Wollenberg LagunaBeachComputer.com 2014
@echo )\.-. /`-. .') )\.---. )\ )\ ' )\.--.
@echo ,' ,-,_) ,' _ \ ( / ( ,-._( ( \, / ( ._.'
@echo( . __ ( '-' ( )) \ '-, ) \ ( `-.`.
@echo ) '._\ _) ) _ ) )'._.-. ) ,-` ( ( \ \ ,_ ( \
@echo( , ( ( ,' ) \ ( ) ( ``-. `.)/ ) ( '.) ) v1.0
@echo )/'._.' )/ )/ )/,__.' )..-.( '.( '._,_.'
@echo 888888b. d8b 888 888 888
@echo 888 "88b Y8P 888 888 888
@echo 888 .88P 888 888 888
@echo 8888888K. 888 888888 888 .d88b. .d8888b 888 888 .d88b. 888d888
@echo 888 "Y88b 888 888 888 d88""88b d88P" 888 .88P d8P Y8b 888P"
@echo 888 888 888 888 888 888 888 888 888888K 88888888 888
@echo 888 d88P 888 Y88b. 888 Y88..88P Y88b. 888 "88b Y8b. 888
@echo 8888888P" 888 "Y888 888 "Y88P" "Y8888P 888 888 "Y8888 888
@echo .d8888b.
@echo d88P Y88b
@echo Y88b.
@echo "Y888b. 888 888 88888b. .d88b. 888d888
@echo "Y88b. 888 888 888 "88b d8P Y8b 888P"
@echo "888 888 888 888 888 88888888 888
@echo Y88b d88P Y88b 888 888 d88P Y8b. 888
@echo "Y8888P" "Y88888 88888P" "Y8888 888
@echo 888
@echo 888
@echo 888
@echo .d8888b. d8b 888 888 888 888
@echo d88P Y88b Y8P 888 888 888 888
@echo Y88b. 888 888 888 888
@echo "Y888b. .d8888b 888d888 888 88888b. 888888 888 888 888
@echo "Y88b. d88P" 888P" 888 888 "88b 888 888 888 888
@echo "888 888 888 888 888 888 888 Y8P Y8P Y8P
@echo Y88b d88P Y88b. 888 888 888 d88P Y88b. " " "
@echo "Y8888P" "Y8888P 888 888 88888P" "Y888 888 888 888
@echo 888
@echo 888
@echo 888
@echo *** Did you Move the USAVxDxxx to Bitlocker Staging in AD?
@echo n | gpupdate /force

@echo *** Enable TPM
manage-bde -tpm -t
@echo *** Set TPM Password
manage-bde -tpm -o P@ssw0rd

@echo off
set usbletter=e:
Set /p usbletter= "Enter the letter of the USB drive ([e:]): "
If "%usbletter%"=="e:" goto :sub_gotlettere

echo * USB Drive is %usbletter%
echo *** Deleting existing .BEK files on USB...
attrib -h -s -r -a %usbletter%:\*.BEK
del %usbletter%:\*.bek
echo *** Enabling Bitlocker Encrytion on C: ...
Manage-BDE.exe -on c: -recoverypassword -recoverykey %usbletter%
goto sub_go

set usbletter=e:
echo * USB Drive is %usbletter%
echo *** Deleting existing .BEK files on USB...
attrib -h -s -r -a e:\*.BEK
del e:\*.BEK
echo *** Enabling Bitlocker Encrytion on C: ...
Manage-BDE.exe -on c: -recoverypassword -recoverykey e:
goto sub_go

Manage-BDE.exe -protectors -get c:|findstr ID >%Temp%\ID.txt
echo *** Saving Bitlocker Key to Active Directory...
for /f "tokens=1,2" %%a in (%temp%\ID.txt) do manage-bde -protectors -adbackup c: -id %%b
@Echo ****** VERIFY THE KEY WAS SAVED TO AD, ignore 1st/3rd ERROR ABOVE ^ *****
@Echo ****** LOOK FOR this V , up Above ^ *****
@Echo ****** "Recovery information was successfully backed up to Active Directory." *****
echo * This is %computername%
echo *** Creating folder at I:\BITLOCKER\Saved_Keys\Enterprise\%computername%
md \\data\it\BITLOCKER\Saved_Keys\Enterprise\%computername%
attrib -h -s -r -a %usbletter%\*.BEK
@echo *** Copying .BEK key file from USBdrive to
@echo *** I:\BITLOCKER\Saved_Keys\Enterprise\%computername%
copy %usbletter%\*.BEK \\data\it\BITLOCKER\Saved_Keys\Enterprise\%computername%
start \\data\it\BITLOCKER\Saved_Keys\Enterprise\%computername%\
@echo ****** NOW You Just Need to RENAME the .BEK file
@echo ****** adding the %computername%_xxxxxxxx_xxxx_xxxx_xxxx_xxxxxxx.bek ******
@echo 8888888b.
@echo 888 Y88b
@echo 888 888
@echo 888 d88P .d88b. 88888b. 8888b. 88888b.d88b. .d88b.
@echo 8888888P" d8P Y8b 888 "88b "88b 888 "888 "88b d8P Y8b
@echo 888 T88b 88888888 888 888 .d888888 888 888 888 88888888
@echo 888 T88b Y8b. 888 888 888 888 888 888 888 Y8b.
@echo 888 T88b "Y8888 888 888 "Y888888 888 888 888 "Y8888
@echo 888888b. 8888888888 888 d8P 8888888888 d8b 888
@echo 888 "88b 888 888 d8P 888 Y8P 888
@echo 888 .88P 888 888 d8P 888 888
@echo 8888888K. 8888888 888d88K 8888888 888 888 .d88b.
@echo 888 "Y88b 888 8888888b 888 888 888 d8P Y8b
@echo 888 888 888 888 Y88b 888 888 888 88888888
@echo d8b 888 d88P 888 888 Y88b 888 888 888 Y8b.
@echo Y8P 8888888P" 8888888888 888 Y88b 888 888 888 "Y8888
@echo .d8888b. 8888888b. 888 888
@echo d88P "88b 888 Y88b 888 888
@echo Y88b. d88P 888 888 888 888
@echo "Y8888P" 888 d88P .d88b. 88888b. .d88b. .d88b. 888888
@echo .d88P88K.d88P 8888888P" d8P Y8b 888 "88b d88""88b d88""88b 888
@echo 888" Y888P" 888 T88b 88888888 888 888 888 888 888 888 888
@echo Y88b .d8888b 888 T88b Y8b. 888 d88P Y88..88P Y88..88P Y88b.
@echo "Y8888P" Y88b 888 T88b "Y8888 88888P" "Y88P" "Y88P" "Y888
rem ren \\data\it\BITLOCKER\Saved_Keys\Enterprise\%computername%\*.bek rem \\data\it\BITLOCKER\Saved_Keys\Enterprise\%computername%\

Windows 7 Media Center MCE Losing or Changing ClearQAM Channels After Channel Scanning or Internet TV Guide Update – How to Fix

Windows 7 Media Center MCE Losing or Changing ClearQAM Channels After Channel Scanning or Internet TV Guide Update – How to Fix

After setting up Windows Media Center with my new Hauppauge 2250 Tv Tuner Card, I had all of my HD digital TV clearQAM channels piped in from Cox coax and it was wonderful.
However after the MCE tv guide updated on the internet, my channel listing dropped some good channels and changed the listing numbers. Here is how I fixed my MCE channels and stopped Media Center from changing the channels automatically (wrong) on me.

read this:


you have to scan for channels with the network disconnected.
This will pull a ‘real, full scan’
You will want to stop the scan once a few channels show up, but not let it complete. IE stop around %45 scan complete.
now go into the channel editor in MCE and write down which frequency/channel the station is actually using such as ‘86.1’ and the detected bitrate QAM64
now repeat re-scanning/overwriting channels until you get all the ones you want written down. see my list below as an example.

now, when you plug your network back in, the internet directory info will ‘correct’ a few stations, this is actually screwing them up and overwriting actual signals with what it thinks should be there from the info in the internet lookup.

since you have written down the actual frequecies for the stations prior, you can go into the ‘add missing channels’ setup and manually add the ‘overwritten channels’


here are my Cox Orange County, CA HD channels

internet guide channel# desc real chl/freq QAM bitrate
4.1 KNBCDT 23.45 64
4.2 KNBCDT2 23.315 64
5.1 KTLADT 86.2 64
5.3 KTLADT3 88.6809* 64
6.4/2.1 KCBSHD 2.1 40.3 256
7.1 KABCDT 31.1 256
7.2 KABCDT2 31.4 256
9.1 KCALDT 40.1 256
11.1 KTTVDT 31.3 256
12.1 KDOCHD 35.43284* 256
13.1 KCOPDT 80.19653* 64
13.3 KCOPDT3 6.7123* 64

*MCE windows 7 only allows up to 3 decimal places for manual channel entry. These channels had to be auto scanned by MCE for me to receive them. I was not able to manually add them due to the longer digits

more info here http://www.thegreenbutton.tv/forums/viewtopic.php?f=6&t=6069&p=73943#p73943

Bitcoin exchange to resume withdrawals after slump

Major bitcoin exchange Mt Gox announced on Monday that users should soon be able to withdraw funds from their accounts amid growing tensions and a price collapse for the virtual currency.
Japan-based Mt Gox is the second-biggest bitcoin exchange in the world – representing around 18 percent of total bitcoin trade in the last week, according to Bitcoinity.org. A halt in withdrawals last weekend left customers unable to transfer their investments into U.S. dollars.
The price of the virtual currency has plunged to below $300 on the exchange in recent days, compared to a figure of around $650 on other major exchanges. Bitcoin had traded above $1,200 at its peak back in November but has since halved in price.

In a new statement on Monday Mt Gox apologized for the inconvenience caused by the recent suspension of external bitcoin transfers and said that it had implemented a workaround that should enable withdrawals and mitigate any issues.

“With this new system in place, Mt Gox should be able to resume withdrawals soon. At the beginning we will do so at a moderated pace and with new daily/monthly limits in place to prevent any problems with the new system and to take into account current market conditions,” it said in a statement on its website on Monday.
“We will update everyone again by Thursday at the latest.”

Withdrawals were halted last week as the exchange’s technical team investigated a problem with the way bitcoin withdrawals were processed. This followed several weeks of users complaining of slow withdrawal rates. Mt Gox blamed its ongoing technical issues on a critical flaw in the cryptocurrency which it said affected all exchanges.
It detailed a bug in the bitcoin software that made it possible for people to use the bitcoin network to alter transaction details. That could give the false impression that bitcoins had not been sent to a bitcoin wallet, when in fact they had.
Mt Gox caused anger in the bitcoin community when it blamed the fault on this issue — known as called “transaction malleability”. A representative from the Bitcoin Foundation, an organization that aims to promote and protect bitcoin, hit back at Mt Gox’s claims, saying that it was actually due to its highly customized software, its customer support procedures, and its unpreparedness.
This war of words continued with Mt Gox chief executive Mark Karpeles suggesting to Forbes magazine on Thursday that the flaw ought to have been solved by the Bitcoin Foundation as it has been known about since 2011.

The “Fast Money” crew reacts to tech investor Marc Andreessen’s comments on Bitcoin. And trader Brian Kelly sees promise in the digital currency.
Mt Gox has been described as the “original” bitcoin exchange by fans of the digital currency who see it as facilitating its fledgling growth in the early days of the technology. Mt Gox once claimed that it handled around 80 percent of all global dollar trades for the currency. However, the exchange hasn’t been without its own set of public relation disasters.
It recently experienced lengthy delays when exchanging bitcoin into U.S. dollars and has previously experienced high-profile DDoS (distributed denial-of-service attacks) hacking attacks which slow down its user experience. Meanwhile, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security seized its bank account in May 2013, saying it had never properly registered as a money services company.
Customers have taken to social media to express their dissatisfaction about the latest halt to trade, and bitcoin news website CoinDesk reported on Friday that a small protest had been conducted outside the offices of Mt Gox in Tokyo.

Bitcoin is a “virtual” currency that allows users to exchange online credits for goods and services. While there is no central bank that issues them, bitcoins can be created online by using a computer to complete difficult tasks, a process known as mining. Some 12 million bitcoins are believed to be in circulation, with a cap of 21 million — meaning no more bitcoins can be created after that point.

—By CNBC.com’s Matt Clinch; Follow him on Twitter @mattclinch81

Bitcoin Price Tumbles Over %50 In Six Days On News Of Bugs, Exchange Glitches and DDoS Attacks


Important Announcement: In order for our team to resolve the BTC withdrawal issue it is necessary for a temporary pause on all external bitcoin withdrawal requests in order to obtain a clear technical view of the current processes. We have updated our statement on this matter HERE. The MtGox trading platform, deposits, and withdrawals will perform as usual for the needs of our customers.
Dear MtGox Customers and Bitcoiners,

As you are aware, the MtGox team has been working hard to address an issue with the way that bitcoin withdrawals are processed. By “bitcoin withdrawal” we are referring to transactions from a MtGox bitcoin wallet to an external bitcoin address. Bitcoin transactions to any MtGox bitcoin address, and currency withdrawals (Yen, Euro, etc) are not affected by this issue.

The problem we have identified is not limited to MtGox, and affects all transactions where Bitcoins are being sent to a third party. We believe that the changes required for addressing this issue will be positive over the long term for the whole community. As a result we took the necessary action of suspending bitcoin withdrawals until this technical issue has been resolved.

Addressing Transaction Malleability
MtGox has detected unusual activity on its Bitcoin wallets and performed investigations during the past weeks. This confirmed the presence of transactions which need to be examined more closely.

Non-technical Explanation:
A bug in the bitcoin software makes it possible for someone to use the Bitcoin network to alter transaction details to make it seem like a sending of bitcoins to a bitcoin wallet did not occur when in fact it did occur. Since the transaction appears as if it has not proceeded correctly, the bitcoins may be resent. MtGox is working with the Bitcoin core development team and others to mitigate this issue.

Technical Explanation:
Bitcoin transactions are subject to a design issue that has been largely ignored, while known to at least a part of the Bitcoin core developers and mentioned on the BitcoinTalk forums. This defect, known as “transaction malleability” makes it possible for a third party to alter the hash of any freshly issued transaction without invalidating the signature, hence resulting in a similar transaction under a different hash. Of course only one of the two transactions can be validated. However, if the party who altered the transaction is fast enough, for example with a direct connection to different mining pools, or has even a small amount of mining power, it can easily cause the transaction hash alteration to be committed to the blockchain.

The bitcoin api “sendtoaddress” broadly used to send bitcoins to a given bitcoin address will return a transaction hash as a way to track the transaction’s insertion in the blockchain.
Most wallet and exchange services will keep a record of this said hash in order to be able to respond to users should they inquire about their transaction. It is likely that these services will assume the transaction was not sent if it doesn’t appear in the blockchain with the original hash and have currently no means to recognize the alternative transactions as theirs in an efficient way.

This means that an individual could request bitcoins from an exchange or wallet service, alter the resulting transaction’s hash before inclusion in the blockchain, then contact the issuing service while claiming the transaction did not proceed. If the alteration fails, the user can simply send the bitcoins back and try again until successful.

We believe this can be addressed by using a different hash for transaction tracking purposes. While the network will continue to use the current hash for the purpose of inclusion in each block’s Merkle Tree, the new hash’s purpose will be to track a given transaction and can be computed and indexed by hashing the exact signed string via SHA256 (in the same way transactions are currently hashed).

This new transaction hash will allow signing parties to keep track of any transaction they have signed and can easily be computed, even for past transactions.

We have discussed this solution with the Bitcoin core developers and will allow Bitcoin withdrawals again once it has been approved and standardized.

In the meantime, exchanges and wallet services – and any service sending coins directly to third parties – should be extremely careful with anyone claiming their transaction did not go through.

Note that this will also affect any other crypto-currency using the same transaction scheme as Bitcoin.

To put things in perspective, it’s important to remember that Bitcoin is a very new technology and still very much in its early stages. What MtGox and the Bitcoin community have experienced in the past year has been an incredible and exciting challenge, and there is still much to do to further improve.

MtGox will resume bitcoin withdrawals to outside wallets once the issue outlined above has been properly addressed in a manner that will best serve our customers.

More information on the status of this issue will be released as soon as possible.

We thank you for taking the time to read this, and especially for your patience.

Best Regards,
MtGox Team

More Bitcoin Exchanges Forced Out of Sync After Massive DDoS Attack
An anonymous reader tipped us to news that several Bitcoin exchanges have joined Mt Gox in suspending withdrawals after being forced out of sync with the Bitcoin network at large. After Mt Gox blamed transaction malleability for forcing them to suspend withdrawals, miscreants started flooding at least Bitpay and Btc-e with bogus transactions. Quoting the Bitcoin Foundation:
“Somebody (or several somebodies) is taking advantage of the transaction malleability issue and relaying mutated versions of transactions. This is exposing bugs in both the reference implementation and some exchange’s software. We (core dev team, developers at the exchanges, and even big mining pools) are creating workarounds and fixes right now. This is a denial-of-service attack; whoever is doing this is not stealing coins, but is succeeding in preventing some transactions from confirming. It’s important to note that DoS attacks do not affect people’s bitcoin wallets or funds. “

Mt. Gox Bitcoin Exchange Halts Withdrawls, Bitcoin Price Tumbles %33

Statement Regarding BTC Withdrawal Delays – UPDATE
Posted: Feb 07 14:34 JST

Dear MtGox Customers,

In our efforts to resolve the issue being encountered by various bitcoin withdrawals, it was determined that the increase in the flow of withdrawal requests has hindered our efforts on a technical level. To understand the issue thoroughly, the system needs to be in a static state.

In order for our team to resolve the withdrawal issue it is necessary for a temporarily pause on all withdrawal requests to obtain a clear technical view of the current processes.

We apologize for the sudden short notice. All bitcoin withdrawal requests will be on pause, and the withdrawals in the system will be returned to your MtGox wallet and can be reinitiated once the issue is resolved. The trading platform will perform as usual for the needs of our customers. 

Our team will resolve this problem as soon as possible and will provide an update on Monday, February 10, 2014 (JST).

We deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused, and thank you for your kind support and considerations. 


The MtGox Team

bitcoin falls 33

BitFinex Bitcoin Exchange Experiences Major Margin Limit Accounting Glitch

BitFinex Bitcoin Exchange Experiences Major Margin Limit Accounting Glitch

Starting the evening of Tuesday Feb 5, 2014, the Hong Kong based bitcoin exchange BitFinex experienced a MAJOR Margin Limit Accounting Glitch.

I had about BTC 0.38 in my account (approx $300 USD), and suddenly could trade with a margin of over $130,000!
I was able to make a few small trades before the error was notices, the exchange locked up, and the error was fixed. My outstanding position with over $4000 in ‘overdrawn’ margin was promptly cancelled by morning.

If I ever see this glitch again I will not hesitate to take out a $130,000 position and trade with it.

Bitcoin Tops $1,000 Again on Acceptance by Zynga

Bitcoin Tops $1,000 Again on Acceptance by Zynga

The price of Bitcoin surpassed $1,000 again on the Mt.Gox exchange, after Zynga Inc. (ZNGA) said it would start accepting the virtual currency for some of its online social games as the digital money becomes more widely used.

Bitcoins, which exist as software and aren’t controlled by any country or banking authority, surged to about $1,119 on the exchange today, one of several markets where they are traded for dollars, euros and other currencies.

Bitcoins first crossed the $1,000 threshold in late November and reached record at $1,238 on Mt.Gox on Dec. 4, but then plummeted to as low as $640 after China’s largest online market for the virtual currency stopped accepting deposits. The digital currency has rebounded as more merchants accept Bitcoins for everything from Gummi bears to smartphones on the Internet. Zynga is the latest merchant to accept Bitcoins, which can be used to buy virtual items in games.

“Bitcoin has been remarkably resilient in the face of all the bad news out of China,” Nicholas Colas, chief market strategist at ConvergEx Group, wrote in an e-mail. “The strength shows a continued interest, which is a very positive sign.”

Bitcoin Accepted by Zynga

Bitcoin Accepted by Zynga

China Bans Financial Companies From Bitcoin Transactions

China’s central bank barred financial institutions from handling Bitcoin transactions, moving to regulate the virtual currency after an 89-fold jump in its value sparked a surge of investor interest in the country.

Bitcoin plunged more than 20 percent to below $1,000 on the BitStamp Internet exchange after the People’s Bank of China said it isn’t a currency with “real meaning” and doesn’t have the same legal status. The public is free to participate in Internet transactions provided they take on the risk themselves, it said.

China Banns Banks from Bitcoin Transactions

Playing Epoch by Larry Miller on the Apple ][c

Playing Epoch by Larry Miller on the Apple ][c


So I decided to bust/dust out the old Apple IIc.  Amazingly it still works.  Too bad I only have one disk.  It was an awesome feeling when I realized I still knew a few AppleDos commands such as ‘catalog’ and ‘brun filename’.  This was my first computer and it will be sad to let it go.  I remember my old wardialing days with a hayes 300 smartmodem. Imagine my excitement when the disk booted right up, and I played Brick Out for the first time in over 25 years in monochrome green. Classic.

I am selling it to some hobbyist in Texas and am glad it is going to a good home.

Epoch by Larry Miller 1981 Apple IIc

Epoch by Larry Miller 1981 on an Apple IIc

How to Fix the iTunes Restore/Update 3194 error on my iPhone 4 Jailbroken with iOS 6.1.2, Updating to iOS 7.0

Here is how I fixed the iTunes restore/update 3194 error on my iPhone 4 Jailbroken with iOS 6.1.2, updating to iOS 7.0


What didn’t work:

-removing all gs.apple.com entries from the Hosts file

-reinstalling iTunes 11.1

-removing all extra USB devices.


What DID work:


-installing iTunes 11.1

-Plug in phone, Yes to backup, Yes to update



286/75/r16 BFG AT Tires on 2004 Toyota Tundra 4×4

Put some new BFG tires on my Tundra today.  Cost $1200 out the door with alignment.

The guys had to shave off the pinch weld on the passenger side, as well as some plastic from the front bumper on both sides.  My truck has 2.5″ coilovers already installed to raise it a few inches…..

No Rubbing! Stoked!

285/75/r16 BFG on Tundra

285/75/r16 BFG on Tundra

285/75/r16 BFG on Tundra

285/75/r16 BFG on Tundra

285/75/r16 BFG on Tundra

285/75/r16 BFG on Tundra

Inside The 1991 Honda XR600r Engine – Why You Should Remove Your Choke Plate

Inside The 1991 Honda XR600r Engine – Why You Should Remove Your Choke Plate


So the other day while riding in traffic my bike engine just stopped.  Just like if you had hit the kill switch.  Couldn’t start it back up so I got the truck and brought her home to find out why she wouldn’t start.  So I started by taking of the carb.

That’s when I found half of my choke plate missing:

Choke Plate Broken and Sucked into Engine

Choke Plate Broken and Sucked into Engine

So that sucks.  Lets pull the Spark Plug and see whats up down there:

XR600r Spark Plug 'Closed' from being hit by choke plate debris

XR600r Spark Plug ‘Closed’ from being hit by choke plate debris

Ohhhh COOL!  So a piece of metal (choke plate aluminum) did get sucked into the engine cylinder and it even closed my spark plug gap.   That would explain why my bike wont start, and why my coil now measures way off on an ohmmeter (its been fried due to the shorted spark plug gap).

OK, I thought.  I don’t hear any metal banging around in there when I kick it over.  Lets hope the valves aren’t all bent up and the choke debris has ‘passed’ at least out the engine and into the exhaust.

So I hooked up a $20 USB inspection camera and sent it down my spark plug hole.  Looks ok for a 23 year old dirt bike engine:

XR600 Intake Valve XR600 Intake Valve XR600 Piston XR600 Cylinder


OK! Well at least 2 valves ARE NOT bent up, and the piston doesn’t look excessively gouged or anything.

Time for some live action video of the cylinder while cranking over the engine.

TP-Link TL-WR703n External Antenna Mod

TP-Link TL-WR703n 3G Router External Antenna Mod

Here are some helpful links:




Step 1. Drill A Hole



Step 2. Cut the two Internal Antenna PCB Traces as shown here: http://blagg.tadkom.net/2012/09/01/wr-703n-external-antenna-mod-diy/

I decided to keep the J1 resistor and C114 capacitor as they orignally were after reading some comments suggesting the signal strength would be better leaving them alone.

Step 3. Solder on Antenna Pigtail Cable.  My cable was scavenged from a broken cheapie $5 USB Wifi adapter.  The soldering was hard.  It is just really small down there.  Here is a trick: put a blob of solder on the tip of your hot iron.  Now smear that melted blob OFF onto a dry sponge.  Now you should be able to PICK UP a SMALLER BLOB of solder and place it where you want.

I used tape to hold down the wire.  As you bend the cable, it puts a lot of tension on the two little solder points.  If you do not hold down the wire somehow, your precious little solders will eventually break off.  Since the tape will eventually fail, it would be far better to hold the wire down with a blob of hot glue gun stuff.20130816-161545.jpg


Step 4. Insulate, Assemble and Test.  Make sure you insulate the two little R82 resistors under the antenna fitting metal.  You do not want to short out the circuit board with the metal from the antenna screw fitting inside the case.  A small piece of sturdy electrical tape under the brass nut should cover and protect R82.20130816-161559.jpg


Federal Judge Declares Bitcoin a Currency

Federal Judge Declares Bitcoin a Currency
from the i-bet-the-IRS-just-got-excited dept.
tlhIngan writes
An East Texas federal judge has concluded that Bitcoin is a currency that can be regulated under American Law. The conclusion came during the trial of Trendon Shavers, who is accused of running the Bitcoin Savings and Trust (BTCST) as a Ponzi scheme. Shavers had argued that since the transactions were all done in Bitcoins, no money changed hands and thus the SEC has no jurisdiction. The judge found that since Bitcoins may be used to purchase goods and services, and more importantly, can be converted to conventional currencies, it is a form of currency (PDF) and investors wishing to invest in the BTCST provided an investment of money, and thus the SEC may regulate such business.

Coinlabs Launches Bitcoin Mining Infrastructure Company Alydian



August 7, 2013, PORTLAND, OR—CoinLab, the first venture-backed Bitcoin company in the U.S., officially launched its newest portfolio company, Alydian.  Alydian is the first to deliver turnkey at-scale Bitcoin mining solutions to customers.

“We are part of a transformation of Bitcoin mining,” said Hans Olsen, CEO of Alydian.  “Alydian has developed an enterprise-scale Bitcoin mining system over the past year and we are excited to announce our capabilities today. The system, based on our first generation 65 nm custom ASIC technology will enable non-technical customers to participate in terahash and petahash-scale Bitcoin mining without worry or technical expertise.  Alydian will begin at-scale operation and hosting in late August.”

Olsen, an industry semiconductor veteran and former CEO of Pixelworks, joins the CoinLab family, led by CEO, Peter Vessenes.  The two comprise a team of other accomplished and respected tech start-up experts drawn to CoinLab’s newest venture.  Alydian will serve as the first of multiple Bitcoin businesses developed internally at CoinLab.

“I am thrilled to have Hans here leading our newest venture,” said Peter Vessenes, CEO of CoinLab.  “Alydian is unique in the Bitcoin mining industry — it was designed from the beginning to provide turnkey massive scale to customers. We’ve combined proven leadership, visionary strategy and great technologists. It’s going to be a great ride!”

Bitcoin mining turns silicon into money.  Bitcoins are algorithm-based mathematical constructs aggregated into blocks and traded on open global markets.  In order to successfully mine a block, which contains 25 bitcoins, one needs specialized computer setups constantly running the mining algorithm, a protocol designed to protect and secure the Bitcoin network.  Currently, there are roughly 11.5 bitcoins in circulation, 25 more are mined every 10 minutes, and there will be a total of 21 million bitcoins issued.  At time of press, Bitcoin traded around $105.

Alydian’s launch-day pricing was $65,000 per Terahash, a technical unit of capacity for Bitcoin miners. At time of press, each Terahash returned approximately $2,800 per day in earnings.

About Alydian
Alydian is a portfolio company of CoinLab, the first venture-backed Bitcoin company in the U.S. Alydian delivers enterprise-scale turnkey Bitcoin mining installations for qualified customers.

Alydian is hiring in our Portland office: jobs@alydian.co 

About CoinLab
CoinLab, the first venture-funded Bitcoin company, is a Bitcoin business incubator that builds businesses that provide fundamental infrastructure for Bitcoin. Partnerships with top-tier industry executives in the fields of hardware, finance, payments and insurance make CoinLab a global leader in revitalizing existing industries. Join the Bitcoin Revolution.

If you are a veteran executive interested in Bitcoin, we’d love to get to know you. Write us at talent@coinlab.com.

Made My Planetarium Star Projector Spin with Arduino Motor

Made My Planetarium Star Projector Spin with Arduino Motor


This updated code removes the switch seen in the video and makes the motor spin automatically about .5 degrees every second. Here is the beta Arduino code sketch:

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

* Switch and LED test program

int ledPin = 5; // LED is connected to pin 12
int switchPin = 0; // switch is connected to pin 2
int val; // variable for reading the pin status
int ledPin6 = 6; // LED is connected to pin 12
int switchPin1 = 1; // switch is connected to pin 2
int val1; // variable for reading the pin status
void setup() {
pinMode(ledPin, OUTPUT); // Set the LED pin as output
pinMode(switchPin, INPUT); // Set the switch pin as input
pinMode(ledPin6, OUTPUT); // Set the LED pin as output
pinMode(switchPin1, INPUT); // Set the switch pin as input
//Setup Channel A
pinMode(12, OUTPUT); //Initiates Motor Channel A pin
pinMode(9, OUTPUT); //Initiates Brake Channel A pin

void loop(){


//val = digitalRead(switchPin); // read input value and store it in val
//if (val == LOW) { // check if the button is pressed
//digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH); // turn LED on
//Serial.begin(9600); // set up Serial library at 9600 bps
//Serial.print(“sw0 on: “);Serial.println(digitalRead(switchPin));

//forward @ full speed
digitalWrite(12, HIGH); //Establishes forward direction of Channel A
digitalWrite(9, LOW); //Disengage the Brake for Channel A
analogWrite(3, 200); //Spins the motor on Channel A at full speed

delay(.1); //// ***** THIS SETS THE ROTATION SPEED .1 is good for slow spin, 10 or 100+ will rotate further

// }
if (val == HIGH) { // check if the button is not pressed
digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW); // turn LED off

digitalWrite(9, HIGH); //Eengage the Brake for Channel A



// delay(10);

val = digitalRead(switchPin1); // read input value and store it in val
if (val == LOW) { // check if the button is pressed
digitalWrite(ledPin6, HIGH); // turn LED on
//Serial.print(“on: “);Serial.println(digitalRead(switchPin1));

//backward @ half speed
digitalWrite(12, LOW); //Establishes backward direction of Channel A
digitalWrite(9, LOW); //Disengage the Brake for Channel A
analogWrite(3, 255); //Spins the motor on Channel A at half speed


if (val == HIGH) { // check if the button is not pressed
digitalWrite(ledPin6, LOW); // turn LED off
//Serial.print(“1=off: “);Serial.println(digitalRead(switchPin1));

digitalWrite(9, HIGH); //Eengage the Brake for Channel A





I plan on adding a potentiometer to control the rotation speed.


Thailand Bans Bitcoin and Makes It Illegal

Virtual currency bitcoin has been banned in Thailand, according to a prominent bitcoin exchange that operates in the Southeast Asian country.

According to Bitcoin Co. Ltd, a Bangkok-based website that trades the digital currency, the firm had been in the process of registering with governmental agencies but the application was turned down and the currency has now been made illegal.

Bitcoin is a virtual currency that allows users to exchange online credits for goods and services. While there is no central bank that issues them, bitcoins can be created online by using a computer to complete difficult tasks, a process known as mining.

The Wollenberg Pager Bomb Attack

The Wollenberg Pager Bomb Attack

Destroy your enemy by flooding them with calls from angry pager owners.

Here’s How!

1. The Enemy: Lets say your enemy has the phone number of 714-999-8888.  We are going to ‘pager bomb’ him.

2a. Obtain a Pager #: Since most people will only answer a page from the same area code, we need some local pager numbers (714 in this example).  Google search something like “714 pager number”

2b.  Refine a Pager #: I find that doctors are the only ones using pagers nowadays.  This is perfect because they usually really don’t like to be paged (especially while on the golf course right?).  Also, they are easier to find, because hospitals and office often list emergency pager numbers on thier website.  PERFECT!.  So modify that Google search to something more like “714 emergency pager number” or “714 doctor pager”.  You get the idea.

Example: google search link http://www.alz.uci.edu/ucimind/contact-us/ lists

Primary Pager: 714-506-4004  Secondary Pager: 714-506-4005 These are doctors pager numbers.  They will not be happy to be paged unnecessarily.  Too bad for our enemy, he will have to deal with it.

2c. Expand and Find Pager Block:  Most pager #’s are sold in blocks.  Therefore if 714-506-4004 and 714-506-4005 are pagers, then yep you guessed it, 714-506-4006 thru 714-506-4100 are probably also pager numbers.  Call and confirm where the number suffix ends for the block.  Basically you have found 714-506-4004, and then discovered 100 more pager numbers by just incrementing the last four digits.  EASY.

You should now have at least 20 pager numbers.

Step 3. The Attack: Start dialing away, you know how a pager works.  Dial the pager, wait for the beep, then enter the Enemy’s phone number.  Repeat with the next pager number.

Note: use the memory recall button on your phone to store the enemy’s number so you don’t have to retype it over and over.

Suggestion:  Get an old PC with a fax modem, and a copy of FreeDOS, and your favorite wardialing program such as GunBelt (yes I am that old) and automate the whole attack.


Your victim should now recieve many calls from pissed off people, wondering why he paged them.  After about the 40th call in 10 minutes, the attack can be considered ‘successful’.


See Also http://lagunabeachcomputer.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=643&action=edit Wollenberg Conference Call Attack


BitCoin Falls Another %10-15 in Last 24 Hours June 28, 2013

BitCoin Falls Another %10-15 in Last 24 Hours June 28, 2013

Bitcoin has been steadily falling since the ASIC hardware based bitcoin mining machines have started shipping.  ASIC miners such as Butterfly Labs 5GH/s ‘Jalapeno’ unit have finally shipped to customers, causing a new flood wave of advanced high speed mining.  This in turn has caused the valuation of the virtual currency Bitcoin to fall dramatically.

Standard economics dictate this will continue until the last block is hashed out and the currency will then rise again.

Bitcoin Value Falls Another %10 Late June 28th, 2013

Bitcoin Value Falls Another %10 Late June 28th, 2013

Cramming Charges In Your Cell Phone Bill

Cramming Charges In Your Cell Phone Bill

Here are all the bullshit extra charges, taxes, tariffs, fees and surcharges I get charged every month for my AT&T cell phone.

Surcharges and Other FeeshelpCharges (other than taxes) that are required or authorized by law

Total Surcharges and Other Fees $2.92
Administrative Fee $0.61
Federal Universal Service Charge $1.80
Regulatory Cost Recovery Charge $0.46
State Public Utility Surcharge $0.05

Government Fees and Taxes

Total Government Fees and Taxes $0.95
CA Advanced Services Fund (CASF) $0.04
CHCF A $0.11
CHCF B $0.08
Relay Service Device Fund $0.05
State 911 Tax $0.19
Teleconnect Fund $0.16
Universal Lifeline $0.32
Total Other Charges & CreditsttTotalOtherChargesCreditsItems that decreased or increased your total amount due. This could be the result of payments to your account, or changes in service since your previous bill. $3.87

New Conspiracy News Website Launched ~ WhatIsReallyGoingWrong.com

New Conspiracy News Website Launched ~ WhatIsReallyGoingWrong.com

Join featured author and contributor John Tole as we examine current and historical consipracy theories……


WhatIsReallyGoingWrong.com Website Launched!

WhatIsReallyGoingWrong.com Website Launched!

How to Stop and Take Down Debt Collection Call Centers with Just Your iPhone

How to Stop and Take Down Debt Collection Call Centers with Just Your iPhone

The ‘Wollenberg Attack‘ is a simple iPhone based conference call attack on annoying debt collector and telemarketer calls.  I came up with this revenge tool after receiving many repetitive annoying calls from debt collectors.  I image you can apply the same principals to any modern telephone with conference call capabilities.

The problem – You receive multiple calls over and over from the same call center.

The solution – Call them all back, only this time we are going to call them back all at once!

The Wollenberg Attack:

Take Down Call Centers with a Single iPhone

Take Down Call Centers with a Single iPhone

We are going to tie up 4-12 Call Center employees at a time, for as long as you like.  This will certainly be noticed by the debt collection company management.  After we hold their expensive call center hostage with just your cell phone, we will demand they lose the number.  If we are threatened with legal action, we will remind them that they called us, and that we are just calling them back (just all at once :>  ).

1. Answer a phone call from a collections call center, and demand that they stop calling you, then hang up. This puts the # in your Recents list on your iPhone.

2. Dial the # back. (it is important not to mute the line, just don’t say anything)

3. When the call gets answered, hit the ‘add call‘ button on your iPhone

4. Click on ‘Recents‘, and dial back the SAME # in step 2.

5. When that call answers, hit ‘merge calls‘ on your iPhone

6. Now repeat steps 2-5 until you have several calls conferenced together.

I like to get about 5 or 6 agents on the phone, screaming at each other.  Some will hang up, i just keep calling back and adding more conference calls to the same number.  At some point the agents will figure out that something fishy is going on.  Try VERY HARD not to bust out laughing.

After about 10-15 minutes of tying up their employees, I usually chime in and say something like


and then hang up, and try not to die laughing….

Department of Homeland Security Shuts Down Deposits To and From MT. Gox and Dwolla

An anonymous reader sends this excerpt from BetaBeat:“The Department of Homeland Security appears to have shut down the ability to use Dwolla, a mobile payment service, to withdraw and deposit money into Mt. Gox, a Bitcoin trading platform. … A representative for Dwolla told Betabeat that the company is ‘not party’ to this matter and encourages those with questions to reach out to Mt. Gox or the DHS. ‘The Department of Homeland Security and U.S. District Court for the District of Maryland issued a ‘Seizure Warrant’ for the funds associated with Mutum Sigillium’s Dwolla account (a.k.a. Mt. Gox),’ he said. ‘In light of the court order, procured by the Department of Homeland Security, Dwolla has ceased all account activities associated with Dwolla services for Mutum Sigillum while Dwolla’s holding partner transferred Mutum Sigillium’s balance, per the warrant.'”


However you can still make USD cash deposits using BitInstant.com and USD withdrawls thru Paypal.com (%9 fee).

Zimbabwe makes history. BitCoins now official national currency

Zimbabwe makes history. BitCoins now official national currency


Rumors from unidentified administration insider report that Mr. Robert Mugabe approved the ground breaking move to BitCoin as his nations national currency yesterday after 4 hour meeting with advisors.

This may signal adoption by several other Africa nations throughout central and south Africa.

Press conference pending as other countries may join and make a multi-national announcement forming a union of sorts.

The additional competition for limited BitCoins (market capped around 11M BTC) could push the price well over $500 in the next month despite recently market voalitility.


-I have confirmed the nature of this story with it’s author, BitCoinSachs, on the official #mtgoxlive IRC chat channel.

How I Turned $10 into $180 Trading Bitcoins Online


How I Turned $10 into $180 Trading Bitcoins Online

Index Date Type Info Value Balance
15 1/17/2013 19:36 in BTC bought: [tid:1358451375234117] 0.13110000 BTC at $15.25900 0.1311 0.1311
16 1/17/2013 19:36 fee BTC bought: [tid:1358451375234117] 0.13110000 BTC at $15.25900 (0.6% fee) 0.0007866 0.1303134
17 1/17/2013 19:36 in BTC bought: [tid:1358451404478465] 0.98577234 BTC at $15.25901 0.98577234 1.11608574
18 1/17/2013 19:36 fee BTC bought: [tid:1358451404478465] 0.98577234 BTC at $15.25901 (0.6% fee) 0.00591463 1.11017111
19 1/17/2013 19:46 out BTC sold: [tid:1358452013303309] 1.11017111 BTC at $15.55001 1.11017111 0
20 1/18/2013 7:41 in BTC bought: [tid:1358494873069119] 1.09645942 BTC at $15.65000 1.09645942 1.09645942
21 1/18/2013 7:41 fee BTC bought: [tid:1358494873069119] 1.09645942 BTC at $15.65000 (0.6% fee) 0.00657876 1.08988066
22 1/18/2013 13:01 out BTC sold: [tid:1358514112344619] 1.08988066 BTC at $15.75000 1.08988066 0
23 1/18/2013 18:47 in BTC bought: [tid:1358534863164678] 0.95687746 BTC at $15.80000 0.95687746 0.95687746
24 1/18/2013 18:47 fee BTC bought: [tid:1358534863164678] 0.95687746 BTC at $15.80000 (0.6% fee) 0.00574126 0.9511362
25 1/18/2013 18:50 in BTC bought: [tid:1358535031074965] 0.12302254 BTC at $15.80000 0.12302254 1.07415874
26 1/18/2013 18:50 fee BTC bought: [tid:1358535031074965] 0.12302254 BTC at $15.80000 (0.6% fee) 0.00073814 1.0734206
27 1/18/2013 19:27 out BTC sold: [tid:1358537277951397] 1.07342060 BTC at $15.70001 1.0734206 0
28 1/18/2013 19:28 in BTC bought: [tid:1358537306208329] 1.06590000 BTC at $15.70999 1.0659 1.0659
29 1/18/2013 19:28 fee BTC bought: [tid:1358537306208329] 1.06590000 BTC at $15.70999 (0.6% fee) 0.0063954 1.0595046
30 1/18/2013 19:45 out BTC sold: [tid:1358538316725458] 1.05950460 BTC at $15.74000 1.0595046 0
31 1/18/2013 19:52 in BTC bought: [tid:1358538753172400] 1.05690000 BTC at $15.69001 1.0569 1.0569
32 1/18/2013 19:52 fee BTC bought: [tid:1358538753172400] 1.05690000 BTC at $15.69001 (0.6% fee) 0.0063414 1.0505586
33 1/18/2013 19:55 out BTC sold: [tid:1358538922338336] 1.05055860 BTC at $15.74000 1.0505586 0
34 1/18/2013 19:58 in BTC bought: [tid:1358539088644354] 0.11877500 BTC at $15.69000 0.118775 0.118775
35 1/18/2013 19:58 fee BTC bought: [tid:1358539088644354] 0.11877500 BTC at $15.69000 (0.6% fee) 0.00071265 0.11806235
36 1/18/2013 19:58 in BTC bought: [tid:1358539105755439] 0.92882500 BTC at $15.69000 0.928825 1.04688735
37 1/18/2013 19:58 fee BTC bought: [tid:1358539105755439] 0.92882500 BTC at $15.69000 (0.6% fee) 0.00557295 1.0413144
38 1/18/2013 22:17 in BTC bought: [tid:1358547441564974] 0.00000191 BTC at $15.68989 1.91E-06 1.04131631
39 1/18/2013 22:17 fee BTC bought: [tid:1358547441564974] 0.00000191 BTC at $15.68989 (0.6% fee) 1.00E-08 1.0413163
40 1/18/2013 23:07 out BTC sold: [tid:1358550447771934] 1.04131630 BTC at $15.76000 1.0413163 0
41 1/19/2013 1:32 in BTC bought: [tid:1358559169134041] 0.21237690 BTC at $15.50000 0.2123769 0.2123769
42 1/19/2013 1:32 fee BTC bought: [tid:1358559169134041] 0.21237690 BTC at $15.50000 (0.6% fee) 0.00127426 0.21110264
43 1/19/2013 1:38 in BTC bought: [tid:1358559487237919] 0.84002310 BTC at $15.50000 0.8400231 1.05112574
44 1/19/2013 1:38 fee BTC bought: [tid:1358559487237919] 0.84002310 BTC at $15.50000 (0.6% fee) 0.00504014 1.0460856
45 1/20/2013 6:42 out BTC sold: [tid:1358664158768050] 1.04608560 BTC at $15.76000 1.0460856 0
46 1/22/2013 17:32 in BTC bought: [tid:1358875979463894] 0.94180000 BTC at $17.40000 0.9418 0.9418
47 1/22/2013 17:32 fee BTC bought: [tid:1358875979463894] 0.94180000 BTC at $17.40000 (0.6% fee) 0.0056508 0.9361492
48 1/22/2013 18:33 out BTC sold: [tid:1358879582313488] 0.93614920 BTC at $17.52000 0.9361492 0
49 1/23/2013 6:08 in BTC bought: [tid:1358921315544090] 0.95900000 BTC at $17.00010 0.959 0.959
50 1/23/2013 6:08 fee BTC bought: [tid:1358921315544090] 0.95900000 BTC at $17.00010 (0.6% fee) 0.005754 0.953246
51 1/23/2013 23:11 out BTC sold: [tid:1358982684326456] 0.95324600 BTC at $17.50000 0.953246 0
52 1/24/2013 18:46 in BTC bought: [tid:1359053171904512] 0.90365558 BTC at $18.35000 0.90365558 0.90365558
53 1/24/2013 18:46 fee BTC bought: [tid:1359053171904512] 0.90365558 BTC at $18.35000 (0.6% fee) 0.00542193 0.89823365
54 1/31/2013 8:53 out BTC sold: [tid:1359622417278031] 0.89823365 BTC at $20.00000 0.89823365 0
55 2/2/2013 9:05 in BTC bought: [tid:1359795916348638] 0.93000000 BTC at $18.88000 0.93 0.93
56 2/2/2013 9:05 fee BTC bought: [tid:1359795916348638] 0.93000000 BTC at $18.88000 (0.6% fee) 0.00558 0.92442
57 2/4/2013 4:36 out BTC sold: [tid:1359952596350475] 0.92442000 BTC at $21.00000 0.92442 0
58 2/7/2013 6:40 in BTC bought: [tid:1360219233253308] 0.93260000 BTC at $21.01000 0.9326 0.9326
59 2/7/2013 6:40 fee BTC bought: [tid:1360219233253308] 0.93260000 BTC at $21.01000 (0.6% fee) 0.0055956 0.9270044
60 2/7/2013 7:14 out BTC sold: [tid:1360221290670088] 0.92700440 BTC at $21.30000 0.9270044 0
61 2/14/2013 0:56 in BTC bought: [tid:1360803362518914] 0.87230000 BTC at $22.50000 0.8723 0.8723
62 2/14/2013 0:56 fee BTC bought: [tid:1360803362518914] 0.87230000 BTC at $22.50000 (0.6% fee) 0.0052338 0.8670662
63 2/14/2013 19:38 out BTC sold: [tid:1360870719943853] 0.86706620 BTC at $26.50000 0.8670662 0
64 2/22/2013 17:44 in BTC bought: [tid:1361555049496577] 0.73675849 BTC at $31.00100 0.73675849 0.73675849
65 2/22/2013 17:44 fee BTC bought: [tid:1361555049496577] 0.73675849 BTC at $31.00100 (0.6% fee) 0.00442055 0.73233794
66 2/22/2013 20:59 out BTC sold: [tid:1361566748104748] 0.73233794 BTC at $30.50984 0.73233794 0
67 2/25/2013 19:33 in BTC bought: [tid:1361820830146102] 0.73177759 BTC at $30.35000 0.73177759 0.73177759
68 2/25/2013 19:33 fee BTC bought: [tid:1361820830146102] 0.73177759 BTC at $30.35000 (0.6% fee) 0.00439067 0.72738692
69 2/26/2013 8:57 out BTC sold: [tid:1361869055570055] 0.72738692 BTC at $31.00000 0.72738692 0
70 2/28/2013 16:53 deposit 1J3EDy4pCUucbNRfowNL2jzo3vTM6gg1vj 0.05125709 0.05125709
71 3/2/2013 2:06 in BTC bought: [tid:1362189982902381] 0.65920000 BTC at $34.00000 0.6592 0.71045709
72 3/2/2013 2:06 fee BTC bought: [tid:1362189982902381] 0.65920000 BTC at $34.00000 (0.6% fee) 0.0039552 0.70650189
73 3/3/2013 1:19 deposit 14uvCJPiMX5ztck1gAaPSw5MsyyopPPZox 0.05146662 0.75796851
74 3/4/2013 8:05 out BTC sold: [tid:1362384311577586] 0.75796851 BTC at $34.80000 0.75796851 0
75 3/5/2013 7:54 deposit 14uvCJPiMX5ztck1gAaPSw5MsyyopPPZox 0.05040381 0.05040381
76 3/5/2013 16:00 out BTC sold: [tid:1362499209883384] 0.05040381 BTC at $40.15000 0.05040381 0
77 3/6/2013 2:57 in BTC bought: [tid:1362538653422553] 0.64914945 BTC at $43.49000 0.64914945 0.64914945
78 3/6/2013 2:57 fee BTC bought: [tid:1362538653422553] 0.64914945 BTC at $43.49000 (0.6% fee) 0.0038949 0.64525455
79 3/6/2013 3:10 out BTC sold: [tid:1362539431338431] 0.64525455 BTC at $44.89000 0.64525455 0
80 3/6/2013 19:52 in BTC bought: [tid:1362599563171668] 0.60610000 BTC at $47.50000 0.6061 0.6061
81 3/6/2013 19:52 fee BTC bought: [tid:1362599563171668] 0.60610000 BTC at $47.50000 (0.6% fee) 0.0036366 0.6024634
82 3/6/2013 20:53 out BTC sold: [tid:1362603192682923] 0.60246340 BTC at $45.00000 0.6024634 0
83 3/7/2013 1:13 in BTC bought: [tid:1362618828611781] 0.75490532 BTC at $35.70000 0.75490532 0.75490532
84 3/7/2013 1:13 fee BTC bought: [tid:1362618828611781] 0.75490532 BTC at $35.70000 (0.6% fee) 0.00452943 0.75037589
85 3/7/2013 3:00 out BTC sold: [tid:1362625252336379] 0.75037589 BTC at $44.00000 0.75037589 0
86 3/8/2013 9:34 deposit 14uvCJPiMX5ztck1gAaPSw5MsyyopPPZox 0.05111597 0.05111597
87 3/8/2013 16:05 out BTC sold: [tid:1362758717075584] 0.01000000 BTC at $43.74000 0.01 0.04111597
88 3/8/2013 16:05 out BTC sold: [tid:1362758717111781] 0.01000000 BTC at $43.71000 0.01 0.03111597
89 3/8/2013 16:05 out BTC sold: [tid:1362758717156130] 0.03111597 BTC at $43.53565 0.03111597 0
90 3/10/2013 16:28 deposit 14uvCJPiMX5ztck1gAaPSw5MsyyopPPZox 0.0522535 0.0522535
91 3/10/2013 19:00 out BTC sold: [tid:1362942038616803] 0.05225350 BTC at $45.90401 0.0522535 0
92 3/12/2013 1:39 in BTC bought: [tid:1363052352161236] 0.84086471 BTC at $44.50000 0.84086471 0.84086471
93 3/12/2013 1:39 fee BTC bought: [tid:1363052352161236] 0.84086471 BTC at $44.50000 (0.6% fee) 0.00504519 0.83581952
94 3/12/2013 2:18 out BTC sold: [tid:1363054680364167] 0.83581952 BTC at $41.90000 0.83581952 0
95 3/12/2013 3:17 in BTC bought: [tid:1363058267269791] 0.79115250 BTC at $44.00000 0.7911525 0.7911525
96 3/12/2013 3:17 fee BTC bought: [tid:1363058267269791] 0.79115250 BTC at $44.00000 (0.6% fee) 0.00474692 0.78640558
97 3/12/2013 13:22 deposit 14uvCJPiMX5ztck1gAaPSw5MsyyopPPZox 0.05059659 0.83700217
98 3/14/2013 4:13 deposit 14uvCJPiMX5ztck1gAaPSw5MsyyopPPZox 0.05038521 0.88738738
99 3/14/2013 4:58 out BTC sold: [tid:1363237135192596] 0.88738738 BTC at $47.69023 0.88738738 0
100 3/17/2013 16:33 deposit 14uvCJPiMX5ztck1gAaPSw5MsyyopPPZox 0.05054215 0.05054215
101 3/17/2013 17:20 out BTC sold: [tid:1363540851465765] 0.05054215 BTC at $47.41001 0.05054215 0
102 3/20/2013 14:24 deposit 14uvCJPiMX5ztck1gAaPSw5MsyyopPPZox 0.05082366 0.05082366
103 3/23/2013 0:32 deposit 14uvCJPiMX5ztck1gAaPSw5MsyyopPPZox 0.05167665 0.10250031
104 3/26/2013 8:58 out BTC sold: [tid:1364288313595437] 0.10250031 BTC at $76.87234 0.10250031 0
105 3/27/2013 2:15 in BTC bought: [tid:1364350515877684] 0.65349712 BTC at $80.00000 0.65349712 0.65349712
106 3/27/2013 2:15 fee BTC bought: [tid:1364350515877684] 0.65349712 BTC at $80.00000 (0.6% fee) 0.00392098 0.64957614
107 3/27/2013 2:29 out BTC sold: [tid:1364351347325167] 0.64957614 BTC at $81.10000 0.64957614 0
108 3/27/2013 15:49 deposit 14uvCJPiMX5ztck1gAaPSw5MsyyopPPZox 0.05521494 0.05521494
109 3/28/2013 0:45 withdraw Bitcoin withdraw to 1MKpDs9cJHnVjPBQfBQQBxqkBwwcUjxWjo 0.05471494 0.0005
110 3/28/2013 0:45 fee Fees for Bitcoin withdraw to 1MKpDs9cJHnVjPBQfBQQBxqkBwwcUjxWjo 0.0005 0
111 3/28/2013 17:25 in BTC bought: [tid:1364491526349709] 0.55807886 BTC at $93.83000 0.55807886 0.55807886
112 3/28/2013 17:25 fee BTC bought: [tid:1364491526349709] 0.55807886 BTC at $93.83000 (0.6% fee) 0.00334847 0.55473039
113 3/28/2013 23:05 out BTC sold: [tid:1364511950235282] 0.11430000 BTC at $87.50000 0.1143 0.44043039
114 3/28/2013 23:05 out BTC sold: [tid:1364511950283008] 0.44043039 BTC at $87.19610 0.44043039 0
115 3/30/2013 1:45 deposit 14uvCJPiMX5ztck1gAaPSw5MsyyopPPZox 0.05098337 0.05098337
116 3/30/2013 3:08 out BTC sold: [tid:1364612908728988] 0.05098337 BTC at $92.75000 0.05098337 0
117 4/3/2013 1:39 in BTC bought: [tid:1364953145983824] 0.44758449 BTC at $118.00000 0.44758449 0.44758449
118 4/3/2013 1:39 fee BTC bought: [tid:1364953145983824] 0.44758449 BTC at $118.00000 (0.6% fee) 0.00268551 0.44489898
119 4/3/2013 3:37 out BTC sold: [tid:1364960264295041] 0.16050523 BTC at $124.20001 0.16050523 0.28439375
120 4/3/2013 3:37 out BTC sold: [tid:1364960264439275] 0.15180603 BTC at $124.20000 0.15180603 0.13258772
121 4/3/2013 3:37 out BTC sold: [tid:1364960264506212] 0.13258772 BTC at $124.18001 0.13258772 0
122 4/3/2013 4:32 in BTC bought: [tid:1364963579424162] 0.44688947 BTC at $122.89900 0.44688947 0.44688947
123 4/3/2013 4:32 fee BTC bought: [tid:1364963579424162] 0.44688947 BTC at $122.89900 (0.6% fee) 0.00268134 0.44420813
124 4/3/2013 8:41 out BTC sold: [tid:1364978505467823] 0.01000000 BTC at $145.78998 0.01 0.43420813
125 4/3/2013 8:41 out BTC sold: [tid:1364978506084431] 0.43420813 BTC at $145.78990 0.43420813 0
126 4/3/2013 23:19 in BTC bought: [tid:1365031140875266] 0.49566866 BTC at $129.87000 0.49566866 0.49566866
127 4/3/2013 23:19 fee BTC bought: [tid:1365031140875266] 0.49566866 BTC at $129.87000 (0.6% fee) 0.00297401 0.49269465
128 4/4/2013 0:19 out BTC sold: [tid:1365034795327726] 0.49269465 BTC at $132.07211 0.49269465 0
129 4/4/2013 1:36 deposit 14uvCJPiMX5ztck1gAaPSw5MsyyopPPZox 0.05005971 0.05005971
130 4/4/2013 1:43 out BTC sold: [tid:1365039812547693] 0.05000000 BTC at $129.00001 0.05 5.97E-05
131 4/4/2013 2:19 in BTC bought: [tid:1365041952441868] 0.56422284 BTC at $126.00002 0.56422284 0.56428255
132 4/4/2013 2:19 fee BTC bought: [tid:1365041952441868] 0.56422284 BTC at $126.00002 (0.6% fee) 0.00338534 0.56089721
133 4/4/2013 3:18 out BTC sold: [tid:1365045505042019] 0.02433872 BTC at $123.75509 0.02433872 0.53655849
134 4/4/2013 3:18 out BTC sold: [tid:1365045505111419] 0.01296660 BTC at $123.57744 0.0129666 0.52359189
135 4/4/2013 3:18 out BTC sold: [tid:1365045505176111] 0.52359189 BTC at $123.01000 0.52359189 0
136 4/4/2013 3:28 in BTC bought: [tid:1365046099177331] 0.55800000 BTC at $120.25000 0.558 0.558
137 4/4/2013 3:28 fee BTC bought: [tid:1365046099177331] 0.55800000 BTC at $120.25000 (0.6% fee) 0.003348 0.554652
138 4/4/2013 4:29 out BTC sold: [tid:1365049784747080] 0.50000000 BTC at $127.40000 0.5 0.054652
139 4/4/2013 4:29 out BTC sold: [tid:1365049785161181] 0.05465200 BTC at $127.29100 0.054652 0
140 4/4/2013 15:19 in BTC bought: [tid:1365088753970828] 0.52622760 BTC at $136.33000 0.5262276 0.5262276
141 4/4/2013 15:19 fee BTC bought: [tid:1365088753970828] 0.52622760 BTC at $136.33000 (0.6% fee) 0.00315737 0.52307023
142 4/4/2013 17:34 out BTC sold: [tid:1365096855261731] 0.52307023 BTC at $129.01000 0.52307023 0
143 4/4/2013 17:52 in BTC bought: [tid:1365097974582385] 0.51597234 BTC at $129.99999 0.51597234 0.51597234
144 4/4/2013 17:52 fee BTC bought: [tid:1365097974582385] 0.51597234 BTC at $129.99999 (0.6% fee) 0.00309583 0.51287651
145 4/4/2013 20:01 out BTC sold: [tid:1365105705921322] 0.51287651 BTC at $133.89000 0.51287651 0
146 4/5/2013 3:36 in BTC bought: [tid:1365133011355616] 0.50370000 BTC at $135.50000 0.5037 0.5037
147 4/5/2013 3:36 fee BTC bought: [tid:1365133011355616] 0.50370000 BTC at $135.50000 (0.6% fee) 0.0030222 0.5006778
148 4/5/2013 4:53 out BTC sold: [tid:1365137631649270] 0.50067780 BTC at $137.80000 0.5006778 0
149 4/5/2013 18:56 in BTC bought: [tid:1365188187349163] 0.47960000 BTC at $142.99900 0.4796 0.4796
150 4/5/2013 18:56 fee BTC bought: [tid:1365188187349163] 0.47960000 BTC at $142.99900 (0.6% fee) 0.0028776 0.4767224
151 4/5/2013 19:28 out BTC sold: [tid:1365190128408886] 0.47672240 BTC at $139.76000 0.4767224 0
152 4/5/2013 19:34 in BTC bought: [tid:1365190491671612] 0.46971460 BTC at $141.00000 0.4697146 0.4697146
153 4/5/2013 19:34 fee BTC bought: [tid:1365190491671612] 0.46971460 BTC at $141.00000 (0.6% fee) 0.00281829 0.46689631
154 4/5/2013 19:52 out BTC sold: [tid:1365191554230994] 0.18225134 BTC at $141.16307 0.18225134 0.28464497
155 4/5/2013 19:52 out BTC sold: [tid:1365191554323319] 0.28464497 BTC at $141.11829 0.28464497 0
156 4/5/2013 20:47 in BTC bought: [tid:1365194820984614] 0.45800000 BTC at $142.30001 0.458 0.458
157 4/5/2013 20:47 fee BTC bought: [tid:1365194820984614] 0.45800000 BTC at $142.30001 (0.6% fee) 0.002748 0.455252
158 4/5/2013 20:47 in BTC bought: [tid:1365194828940460] 0.00229473 BTC at $142.50000 0.00229473 0.45754673
159 4/5/2013 20:47 fee BTC bought: [tid:1365194828940460] 0.00229473 BTC at $142.50000 (0.6% fee) 1.38E-05 0.45753296
160 4/6/2013 1:58 out BTC sold: [tid:1365213530412588] 0.45753296 BTC at $140.13804 0.45753296 0
161 4/6/2013 20:05 deposit 14uvCJPiMX5ztck1gAaPSw5MsyyopPPZox 0.05076278 0.05076278
162 4/6/2013 20:14 withdraw Bitcoin withdraw to 179XvrpqhWA4Ng6eazJbzM8wqqaawoRQoa 0.05026278 0.0005
163 4/6/2013 20:14 fee Fees for Bitcoin withdraw to 179XvrpqhWA4Ng6eazJbzM8wqqaawoRQoa 0.0005 0
164 4/6/2013 21:56 deposit 124zEztFZx6ye6tkHsSXNiPwXf2qrTY8Xs 0.06649145 0.06649145
165 4/6/2013 21:59 out BTC sold: [tid:1365285587682743] 0.06649145 BTC at $143.50001 0.06649145 0
166 4/7/2013 16:56 in BTC bought: [tid:1365353771951648] 0.47540000 BTC at $154.00000 0.4754 0.4754
167 4/7/2013 16:56 fee BTC bought: [tid:1365353771951648] 0.47540000 BTC at $154.00000 (0.6% fee) 0.0028524 0.4725476
168 4/7/2013 18:54 out BTC sold: [tid:1365360858076516] 0.19387631 BTC at $159.76669 0.19387631 0.27867129
169 4/7/2013 18:54 out BTC sold: [tid:1365360859806174] 0.27867129 BTC at $159.30000 0.27867129 0
170 4/7/2013 22:30 in BTC bought: [tid:1365373822282069] 0.46360000 BTC at $161.02001 0.4636 0.4636
171 4/7/2013 22:30 fee BTC bought: [tid:1365373822282069] 0.46360000 BTC at $161.02001 (0.6% fee) 0.0027816 0.4608184
172 4/8/2013 1:00 out BTC sold: [tid:1365382832542122] 0.46081840 BTC at $168.99970 0.4608184 0
173 4/8/2013 1:43 in BTC bought: [tid:1365385417437555] 0.45428578 BTC at $171.00000 0.45428578 0.45428578
174 4/8/2013 1:43 fee BTC bought: [tid:1365385417437555] 0.45428578 BTC at $171.00000 (0.6% fee) 0.00272571 0.45156007
175 4/8/2013 2:00 out BTC sold: [tid:1365386439316872] 0.14942528 BTC at $174.00000 0.14942528 0.30213479
176 4/8/2013 2:01 out BTC sold: [tid:1365386485226725] 0.30213479 BTC at $173.99999 0.30213479 0
177 4/8/2013 3:14 in BTC bought: [tid:1365390867687822] 0.45406988 BTC at $172.00000 0.45406988 0.45406988
178 4/8/2013 3:14 fee BTC bought: [tid:1365390867687822] 0.45406988 BTC at $172.00000 (0.6% fee) 0.00272442 0.45134546
179 4/8/2013 3:50 out BTC sold: [tid:1365393046688334] 0.45134546 BTC at $167.01000 0.45134546 0
180 4/8/2013 3:56 in BTC bought: [tid:1365393411025426] 0.44070000 BTC at $170.00000 0.4407 0.4407
181 4/8/2013 3:56 fee BTC bought: [tid:1365393411025426] 0.44070000 BTC at $170.00000 (0.6% fee) 0.0026442 0.4380558
182 4/8/2013 4:36 out BTC sold: [tid:1365395804119977] 0.43805580 BTC at $168.94000 0.4380558 0
183 4/8/2013 4:53 in BTC bought: [tid:1365396813293288] 0.43279040 BTC at $169.98771 0.4327904 0.4327904
184 4/8/2013 4:53 fee BTC bought: [tid:1365396813293288] 0.43279040 BTC at $169.98771 (0.6% fee) 0.00259674 0.43019366
185 4/8/2013 5:12 out BTC sold: [tid:1365397927798046] 0.43019366 BTC at $171.80000 0.43019366 0
186 4/9/2013 0:27 deposit 14uvCJPiMX5ztck1gAaPSw5MsyyopPPZox 0.05038099 0.05038099
187 4/9/2013 0:41 withdraw Bitcoin withdraw to 1BQiHifduQWvvAHGCLpRN9LoHoN3hDDDgr 0.04988099 0.0005
188 4/9/2013 0:41 fee Fees for Bitcoin withdraw to 1BQiHifduQWvvAHGCLpRN9LoHoN3hDDDgr 0.0005 0
189 4/9/2013 1:26 deposit 14uvCJPiMX5ztck1gAaPSw5MsyyopPPZox 0.06963099 0.06963099
190 4/9/2013 15:04 in BTC bought: [tid:1365519853078522] 0.33528287 BTC at $219.11000 0.33528287 0.40491386
191 4/9/2013 15:04 fee BTC bought: [tid:1365519853078522] 0.33528287 BTC at $219.11000 (0.6% fee) 0.0020117 0.40290216
192 4/9/2013 21:11 out BTC sold: [tid:1365541880765906] 0.40290216 BTC at $235.71325 0.40290216 0
193 4/10/2013 19:39 in BTC bought: [tid:1365622751812345] 0.62870000 BTC at $150.00000 0.6287 0.6287
194 4/10/2013 19:39 fee BTC bought: [tid:1365622751812345] 0.62870000 BTC at $150.00000 (0.6% fee) 0.0037722 0.6249278
195 4/10/2013 19:39 in BTC bought: [tid:1365622751949555] 0.00063040 BTC at $150.00000 0.0006304 0.6255582
196 4/10/2013 19:39 fee BTC bought: [tid:1365622751949555] 0.00063040 BTC at $150.00000 (0.6% fee) 3.78E-06 0.62555442
197 4/11/2013 1:00 out BTC sold: [tid:1365642051667616] 0.62555442 BTC at $179.90000 0.62555442 0
198 4/11/2013 2:35 in BTC bought: [tid:1365647743303038] 0.71204345 BTC at $157.09999 0.71204345 0.71204345
199 4/11/2013 2:35 fee BTC bought: [tid:1365647743303038] 0.71204345 BTC at $157.09999 (0.6% fee) 0.00427226 0.70777119
200 4/11/2013 3:21 out BTC sold: [tid:1365650516140734] 0.54352741 BTC at $168.33859 0.54352741 0.16424378
201 4/11/2013 3:21 out BTC sold: [tid:1365650516430048] 0.03880000 BTC at $168.32640 0.0388 0.12544378
202 4/11/2013 3:21 out BTC sold: [tid:1365650516504960] 0.02251040 BTC at $168.31000 0.0225104 0.10293338
203 4/11/2013 3:21 out BTC sold: [tid:1365650516573473] 0.02279364 BTC at $168.24400 0.02279364 0.08013974
204 4/11/2013 3:21 out BTC sold: [tid:1365650516635221] 0.08013974 BTC at $168.14949 0.08013974 0
205 4/11/2013 5:06 deposit 14uvCJPiMX5ztck1gAaPSw5MsyyopPPZox 0.05045452 0.05045452
206 4/11/2013 15:49 withdraw Bitcoin withdraw to 1BQiHifduQWvvAHGCLpRN9LoHoN3hDDDgr 0.04995452 0.0005
207 4/11/2013 15:49 fee Fees for Bitcoin withdraw to 1BQiHifduQWvvAHGCLpRN9LoHoN3hDDDgr 0.0005 0
208 4/12/2013 1:28 deposit 14uvCJPiMX5ztck1gAaPSw5MsyyopPPZox 0.10995445 0.10995445
209 4/12/2013 2:51 in BTC bought: [tid:1365735098946959] 0.02500000 BTC at $129.90000 0.025 0.13495445
210 4/12/2013 2:51 in BTC bought: [tid:1365735099071063] 0.85870000 BTC at $130.00000 0.8587 0.99365445
211 4/12/2013 3:08 out BTC sold: [tid:1365736101347140] 0.99365445 BTC at $116.00000 0.99365445 0
212 4/12/2013 3:20 in BTC bought: [tid:1365736817265344] 1.23747333 BTC at $96.00000 1.23747333 1.23747333
213 4/12/2013 6:17 out BTC sold: [tid:1365747467021579] 1.23747333 BTC at $105.00001 1.23747333 0
214 4/12/2013 6:29 in BTC bought: [tid:1365748157522317] 1.27177501 BTC at $102.16800 1.27177501 1.27177501
215 4/12/2013 6:43 out BTC sold: [tid:1365749019414452] 1.27177501 BTC at $104.21000 1.27177501 0
216 4/12/2013 7:04 in BTC bought: [tid:1365750256042429] 1.00000000 BTC at $91.36714 1 1
217 4/12/2013 7:04 in BTC bought: [tid:1365750256124353] 0.44490000 BTC at $91.70000 0.4449 1.4449
218 4/12/2013 7:17 out BTC sold: [tid:1365751075159962] 1.44490000 BTC at $92.12001 1.4449 0
219 4/12/2013 7:21 in BTC bought: [tid:1365751312149832] 1.45120000 BTC at $88.50000 1.4512 1.4512
220 4/12/2013 7:34 out BTC sold: [tid:1365752080121314] 0.09411948 BTC at $96.16000 0.09411948 1.35708052
221 4/12/2013 7:34 out BTC sold: [tid:1365752080234908] 0.12194873 BTC at $96.08033 0.12194873 1.23513179
222 4/12/2013 7:34 out BTC sold: [tid:1365752080294519] 0.18116350 BTC at $96.00000 0.1811635 1.05396829
223 4/12/2013 7:34 out BTC sold: [tid:1365752080351558] 1.05396829 BTC at $93.10000 1.05396829 0
224 4/12/2013 7:50 in BTC bought: [tid:1365753035980607] 0.51074913 BTC at $96.00000 0.51074913 0.51074913
225 4/12/2013 7:50 in BTC bought: [tid:1365753036078299] 0.96135087 BTC at $96.00000 0.96135087 1.4721
226 4/12/2013 7:54 out BTC sold: [tid:1365753261698254] 0.07736547 BTC at $95.10001 0.07736547 1.39473453
227 4/12/2013 7:54 out BTC sold: [tid:1365753261855122] 1.00000000 BTC at $95.10000 1 0.39473453
228 4/12/2013 7:54 out BTC sold: [tid:1365753261916174] 0.39473453 BTC at $95.10000 0.39473453 0
229 4/12/2013 7:59 in BTC bought: [tid:1365753593651938] 1.50476687 BTC at $93.03691 1.50476687 1.50476687
230 4/12/2013 8:24 out BTC sold: [tid:1365755084691522] 1.50476687 BTC at $93.39000 1.50476687 0
231 4/12/2013 8:32 in BTC bought: [tid:1365755536395357] 1.57899131 BTC at $88.99997 1.57899131 1.57899131
232 4/12/2013 8:42 out BTC sold: [tid:1365756136207787] 1.57899131 BTC at $90.11000 1.57899131 0
233 4/12/2013 15:34 in BTC bought: [tid:1365780845372442] 1.90217794 BTC at $74.80000 1.90217794 1.90217794
234 4/12/2013 15:43 out BTC sold: [tid:1365781382943010] 1.05000000 BTC at $73.50000 1.05 0.85217794
235 4/12/2013 15:43 out BTC sold: [tid:1365781383331921] 0.21579917 BTC at $73.00000 0.21579917 0.63637877
236 4/12/2013 15:43 out BTC sold: [tid:1365781383452809] 0.63637877 BTC at $72.60000 0.63637877 0
237 4/12/2013 16:09 in BTC bought: [tid:1365782999976555] 2.01040000 BTC at $68.00000 2.0104 2.0104
238 4/12/2013 16:44 out BTC sold: [tid:1365785082753298] 2.01040000 BTC at $75.60000 2.0104 0
239 4/12/2013 17:10 in BTC bought: [tid:1365786600210984] 2.07330002 BTC at $74.47474 2.07330002 2.07330002
240 4/12/2013 18:04 out BTC sold: [tid:1365789851896960] 2.07330000 BTC at $75.21000 2.0733 2.00E-08
241 4/12/2013 18:53 in BTC bought: [tid:1365792834467347] 1.99960000 BTC at $77.89000 1.9996 1.99960002
242 4/12/2013 19:07 out BTC sold: [tid:1365793678065579] 0.20000000 BTC at $86.50000 0.2 1.79960002
243 4/12/2013 19:07 out BTC sold: [tid:1365793678311679] 1.79960000 BTC at $86.00000 1.7996 2.00E-08
244 4/12/2013 19:27 in BTC bought: [tid:1365794829199783] 2.10050000 BTC at $80.70000 2.1005 2.10050002
245 4/12/2013 19:42 out BTC sold: [tid:1365795721936718] 2.10050000 BTC at $84.34097 2.1005 2.00E-08

Less than 30 Minutes to Return of Bitcoin Trading on MtGox.com

Less than 30 Minutes to Return of Bitcoin Trading on MtGox.com

This message is posted on the MtGox.com website:

Trading is halted until 2013-04-12 02:00am UTC to allow the market to cooldown following the drop in price. Read more details on the support. Additionally trading fees will not be charged within 48 hours of trading resuming (until 2013-04-14 02:00am UTC).


There is massive speculation on the #mtgoxlive IRC chat channel as to whether the price will rise or fall at the start of trading.

Bitcoin Trading Falls By %25 to $202 from $266 Within Hours

Bitcoin Trading Falls By %25 to $202 from $266 Within Hours

On the morning of April 10, 2013 Bitcoin lost %25 of its value within hours.  This was an expected market correction and should continue to fall thru the day.

MtGox Bitcoin Trading falls %25 to $202 on April 10, 2013

MtGox Bitcoin Trading falls %25 to $202 on April 10, 2013

MtGox.com Trading Exchange

BTC-E.com Trading Exchange



MtGox price is now $173, only MtGox orders are NOT going thru without major delay.

BTC-e $136


*UPDATE 11:21AM PST EXCHANGES HAVE CRASHED, orders will not go thru, MtGox Lag is 76 MINUTES!!!!!

BitCoin Massive Correction April 10, 2013

BitCoin Massive Correction April 10, 2013








*UPDATE 1:30pm PST

MtGox.com is now back online and trading.