​Build a Digital Interactive Electronic Business Card

Build a Digital Interactive Electronic Business Card

Make yourself stand out with a Digital Interactive Electronic Business Card.


Digital Electronic Interactive Business Card


Step 1: Parts:

You will need:

1x – Arduino Pro Mini 3.3v 8mhz ATMega328P version.

The program code/sketch will not fit on the ATMega168 version. You must buy the “328P” version with the higher flash and sram size. You must use the 3.3v version to run off of a coin battery.

1x – 128×64 OLED Display I2C version. Get the I2C version with 4 pins only.

1x – Lighted pushbutton switch.

1x – CR2032 3.3v Coin Battery

1x – CR2032 Coin Battery PCB Holder. Get the slimmest you can find.

1x – 5×7 cm PCB board.

1x – 220 ohm resistor

1x – 4.7k ohm resistor

1x – FTDI to USB for programming the Arduino Pro Mini. Might need header pins or wires to make the connection.

Misc- Soldering gun, solder, time, maybe some ultra micro thin conductive wire for PCB traces


Step 2: Optional: Edit LCD/OLED Graphics


Use LCDAssistant.exe (google to download) to create new 128×64 or 128×44 sized byte array graphics for your own use.

If you want to use Photoshop to cut up an existing graphic, here is what i do:
1 Google search for a black and white image 2 open in Photoshop 3 Image ->Mode -> Grayscale 4 Image -> Mode -> Bitmap @ 300 dpi 5 Crop to 128×64 or 128×44 pixels @ 300 DPI (Image Size and Canvas Size) 6 Save As…. .BMP Now you can open it in LCDAssistant.exe .

Use the settings from the above picture, paste the byte code array into the arduino sketch code. Just replace an existing entry. You just need to replace the byte array part, forget about editing the names in the code (see pic)

LCD Assistant Settings

Step 3: Edit Code and Program Arduino:

Attached is my sketch code.

The button must use Pin 2 or 3 because it supports Interrupts INT on the Arduino.

Edit the variables:




Phone #, etc….

Job Names:

Use your FTDI / USB serial convertor to program the Arduino .ino sketch file using the Arduino IDE software.

Test the newly loaded program by temporarily hooking up all components on a breadboard.

When you are satisfied the code is good, and everything will work, remove the programming header pins from the arduino by unsoldering them. Try to make all surfaces flat, unsharp, and finger friendly.



Step 4: Build It:

In the above Schematic picture, I have highlighted some notes about Pins.

I was able to do all soldering on the backside of the PCB. I made traces using small thin single strands of loose copper wire, and solder.

Lastly, once all soldered together and working, clip and sand down the backside pins and contacts to make it smooth to the touch. No sharp edges :> !

Back of PCB

Step 5: Next Steps: Make It Low Power!

-To Do:

Add Wifi Module and sdcard to serve up a Resume.pdf file over open Wifi.

-Things to make the battery last longer:

Reduce the Pushbutton LED pulse.

Increase the Pushbutton LED pulse step (fade amount).

Remove the Arduino Power LED.

Edit code to use Arduino Interrupt pins:



HomeKit HomeBridge Enabled Arduino ESP8266 Self Powered 110v Wifi Controlled Powerswitch


Why buy a UL Listed iDevices Switch when you can potentially electrocute yourself or start a fire with a self built alternative instead?

Here’s how!

First, you must install HomeBridge on a Raspberry Pi, and configure it as a HomeKit bridge device. Instructions below.

Once you have HomeKit / HomeBridge working on your Pi and your iPhone, we can build a wireless power switch that can be controlled by Siri and the HomeKit app.

We start with a PowerTail2, and use the ESP8266 to control the on/off line.

We power the ESP8266 with a AMS1117 3.3V Power Supply Module. This brings the 5v from the charger down to the proper 3.3v that the ESP8266 needs.

We provide the power with a used cell phone charger. 110v -> 5v. This is wired directly to the ‘Line’ side of the PowerTail2 circuit board. It is always ‘Live’ or ‘Hot’ and will shock you.

We Load the code into the ESP8266 via your favorite USB/Serial converter (FTDI).

We plug it in. Homekit sees the device via the HomeBridge configuration file addition (accessory) on the Raspberry Pi.

You control the device on your iPhone, and turn electricity on and off at will.

More info to come.












Step 1 Build It:

Solder it together.

1x PowerTail II Power switch kit $19.99 + shipping

1x ESP8266 ESP-01 module $5.50

1x AMS1117-3.3 Power Module AMS1117 3.3V Power Supply Module With Heat Sink $0.99

1x 110v to 5v/1A used cell phone charger

1x small Perfboard for circuit approx 2″x1.25″ inch

2x 110v extension cord to cut up $1.99 each at Home Depot

1x small SPST on/off switch

Step 2: Edit the HomeBridge /var/homebridge/config.json file on the Raspberry Pi HomeBridge

the file may alternatively be in /home/.homebridge or /root/home/./homebridge. read the docs from the github link


Ensure this plugin is installed. It may be installed by default in the newer versions:


Program the ESP8266. Upon powering up (3.3v do not use 5V!) it should be seen on the network.

Try something like . You should get a webpage returned.

Assuming your ESP8266 pulls a DHCP ip of :

(you should probably set a DHCP reservation on your router, for each ESP8266 you add)

add this code to the config.json file. ( sudo nano /var/homebridge/config.json) etc:

mind the last comma, you may or may not need it if you have other accessories, or Homebridge is crashing on load.

{ “accessory”: “Http”,
“name”: “PowerTail”,
“on_url”: “”,
“off_url”: “”,
“http_method”: “GET”

Step 3: ESP8266 Arduino Code

/* * This sketch demonstrates how to set up a simple HTTP-like server.
* The server will set a GPIO pin depending on the request
* http://server_ip/gpio/0 will set the GPIO0 low,
* http://server_ip/gpio/1 will set the GPIO0 high
* server_ip is the IP address of the ESP8266 module, will be
* printed to Serial when the module is connected.


const char* password = "EDITMEWITHYOURWIFIPASSWORD";

// Create an instance of the server
// specify the port to listen on as an argument
WiFiServer server(80);

void setup() {
pinMode(LED_BUILTIN, OUTPUT); // Initialize the LED_BUILTIN pin as an output
// prepare GPIO0
pinMode(0, OUTPUT);
digitalWrite(0, 0);

// Connect to WiFi network
//Serial.print("Connecting to ");

WiFi.begin(ssid, password);

while (WiFi.status() != WL_CONNECTED) {
//Serial.println("WiFi connected");

// Start the server
//Serial.println("Server started");

// Print the IP address

void loop() {
// Check if a client has connected
WiFiClient client = server.available();
if (!client) {

// Wait until the client sends some data
//Serial.println("new client");

// Read the first line of the request
String req = client.readStringUntil('\r');

// Match the request
int val;
if (req.indexOf("/gpio/0") != -1)
val = 0;
else if (req.indexOf("/gpio/1") != -1)
val = 1;
else {
//Serial.println("invalid request");

// Set GPIO0 according to the request
digitalWrite(0, val);
digitalWrite(LED_BUILTIN, val); // Turn the LED on (Note that LOW is the voltage level

// Prepare the response
String s = "HTTP/1.1 200 OK\r\nContent-Type: text/html\r\n\r\n\r\n
\r\nGPIO is now ";
s += (val)?"high":"low";
s += "


// Send the response to the client
//Serial.println("Client disonnected");

// The client will actually be disconnected
// when the function returns and 'client' object is detroyed

Step 4: Test the new Accessory in iOS HomeKit App

Step 5: Don’t Electrocute Yourself.






Cheap Homemade DIY AIS 162mhz SDR Antenna

Homemade AIS VHF 162mHz antenna. Getting 20nm + range ship tracking. Two wire coat hangers, some cheap CATV coax, and a Costco margarita mix bottle

I am getting 20+ nautical mile coverage with this simple cheap antenna.

Using a $10 ebay RTL SDR dongle, SDR#, AISMON and OpenCPN

Here are your references:

RTL-SDR Tutorial: Cheap AIS Ship Tracking


AIS Antenna SDR Cheap Easy Homemade
AIS SDR Antenna

I don’t know how, but somehow I picked up a ship over 117nm away. I’m pretty sure this is over the horizon, so I do not know how this is possible unless its a reflection of the signal, or this homemade AIS antenna just got a lot of gain somehow…

Somehow, I am getting like 120 nautical mile range with this antenna, I cannot figure out why I am getting such good range in one direction.

now getting over 400 nautical mile range AIS with this homemade monopole, how is that possible?

So it seems that when the antenna fell down, it broke the solder on my horizontal radials that are connected to the ground/braid of the coax cable feeding the antenna. So, it looks like the minor adjustment of just a few millimeters, really improved or ‘super tuned’ this antenna. It seems to be slightly directional in the direction of the radials (North and South in my case), however it certainly improved or doubled my ‘straight out’ reception as well. Over all this is like a 200% improvement in range. So the leason here is, if you are getting poor 20nm reception, try extending the length or distance of those two 46mm radials. Either that or my SDR RTL dongle just got a whole lot more sensitive or clean signal…

TK103 GPS Car Tracker – Installation, SIM Card Service and Use – RedPocket GSMA PayGo SIM

TK103 GPS Car Tracker – Installation, SIM Card and Use


HOT Vehicle Car GPS Tracker TK103A Real-time tracking Google Map Link Cut Engine

So I bought a 2014 Honda Civic Coupe for my wife. Hot red in color. Seeing as this is one of the most stolen cars in America, I thought a small investment in a car GPS tracker was a good idea.
So I bought a TK103 unit on ebay for about $60. The SIM was $10, but I think you can find it for $0.99 on ebay. Here is what I learned:

-If you can install a car stereo, you can install this thing

Use RedPocket $5 PayGo SIM and service. The $5 refills are good for 15 days. It is the cheapest SIM card and service you can buy for 3G devices. This is a voice/SMS plan, it is not a data plan. If you have an arduino and want to send temperature sensor data over the internet, then this is not the SIM card and cell service plan that you want. This is a plain old 3G voice plan with TXT. I considered buying the $50/6 month plan but realized that I don’t always need to be tracking. Its mainly for a stolen car situation. I have already tested letting a $5 refill expire, then ordering up a new $5 refill and the phone reactivates (had to call RedPocket customer service to hurry the refill activation along).

*********UPDATE JAN 1 2017 ************

AT&T has discontinued their 2G service in the USA.  I was able to get RedPocket to send me a new GSMT (tmobile) 4G SIM card, and had them port over the number and account.  Tmobile/RedPocket Pay as you go Refills are $10 for 30 days.  This is the cheapest SIM and service I can find.  I can confirm that the RedPocket GSMT pay as you go tmobile SIM works in the TK103 GPS tracker as of 1/23/2017.  If you have trouble, send the SMS command ‘begin123456’ and re-initialize the tracker once the new sim is in and the power has been cycled.

*********UPDATE JAN 1 2017 ************

-YOU NEED AT&T SIM, not TMOBILE !!! Get the ‘GSMA’ SIM, not the GSMT sim. A for AT&T and T for tmobile. AT&T offers the cheapest PAY AS YOU GO SIM plan. If you get the Tmobile SIM, you have to pay $30 a month for service. With the AT&T SIM, you can pay as little as $10 per 30 days. Or do like me and only refill $5 worth of AT&T when I need to track the car.

RedPocket SIM Card Service and Use – RedPocket GSMA PayGo SIM


Installed the tracker and GPS antenna behind the dash. I have not hooked up the relay to the fuel pump yet. I plan on doing that someday soon. In theory, I could shut off the fuel pump (and therefore car) with an alert sent via SMS text from my cell phone (iPhone 5s). The TK103 GPS tracker has a feature where the car will only cut the fuel pump at speeds under 20mph. This makes for a great chance of recovering the stolen car in my book.

Anyways, the system is working so far. I can test the unit and it gives me a checkup reply via SMS within about 20 seconds. It tells me the units powered on, backup battery status (pulling the car’s main battery does not shut off the unit until the backup battery is drained). The status check also tells me if the car is ACC on (driving/parked on), and I could hook up door sensors too if needed.

Simply by calling the cell phone # assigned to the SIM by RedPocket, the unit answers and then hangs up. It will then send me a SMS text reply with the Google Maps URL link to my cell phone. Clicking this places me in Google maps with an accurate readout of the cars immediate position. Should the GPS signal be blocked or cut, it will report the car’s last known position. I can even enable GPRS/APN data and it will send geolocation information over the cellular data network/internet.

Not bad for $60(TK103) + 10(SIM) + 10(two $5 refills).

More updates to come.

*********UPDATE MAR 11 2017 ************

Tmobile is now offering $3/mo Pay as You Go plans that come with 30 calls/text per month.

This is the best sim deal if you are not using GPRS data (using text based tracking)



TK103 GPS Tracker Youtube Videos

Warranty: 3 Months
Status: New
SKU: OC-776


This tracker TK103A is a new product based on the GSM / GPRS network and GPS satellite positioning system, which set multiple functions of security, positioning, monitoring surveillance, emergency alarms and tracking in its entirety. It can track and monitor remote target by SMS or internet. Now it also has SD Card Slot function!

●Support both GPS & LBS (Location based service)
●Support SMS/GPRS/Internet Network data transmission (GPRS/Internet instructions in CD enclosed)
●Support GPRS on-line and GPRS re-connected automatically if GPRS drops
●Support SMS / GPRS dual-mode switching
●Support configuration by remote terminal.
●Support for point-to-point, point to group, group-to-group monitoring.
●Set multiple functions of security, positioning, monitoring surveillance, emergency alarms and tracking in its entirety.
●Support motion detection, external alarm output, and Email photo, FTP photo , FTP record, when alarm is triggered.
●Certified by Microsoft activeX, no worry to be invaded by virus.












GPS chip

SIRF3 chip


Simcom300d or Simcom340d

GPS sensitivity


GPS accuracy


Time to first fix

Cold status 45s Warm status 35s Hot status 1s

Voltage of car power system

12V input

Car charger output

Cut off the power and the oil system and control the power system:0V

Car power input

door 0V(Negative trigger) or 12V(positive trigger) ACC:12V

sensor: 0V SOS button: 0V


Chargeable changeable 3.7V 800mAh Li-ion battery

Storage Temp.

-40°C to +85°C

Operation Temp.

-20°C to +55°C


5%–95% non-condensing

Please check as following link to do this item:


Main Functions:

* Single Locating
*Dialing the tracker device, it will respond to a real-time latitude and longitude information.
* Successive Locating Automatically
* Get location in real street/address name
*Note: You must set up the APN of your local GSM network for the SIM card in tracker first before using this function.
* Monitor–user can dial up the tracker device to monitor the voice.
* Alarms–Low battery alarm, Power off alarm, SOS.
* Geo-fence
* Movement alarm
* Overspeed alarm
* Cut off/ Resume the Oil and Power System
* Set up arm by SMS
* Alarms under Arm State–door alarm, Sensor alarm, ACC alarm.
* Set up silent mode by SMS

* Once the alarm is triggered, tracker will send alarm SMS to authorized number.
* No GSM Network Alarm
* Check the Vehicle State
* Tracker’s Hardware Resetting
* SD Card Slot
* GPS drift suppression

Package include:

1xGPS Antenna 3 meters long
1xGSM Antenna 3 meters long
1×1.5 Meters Microphone
1×10 PIN Harness
1xUser Manuals (English)



*********UPDATE JAN 1 2017 ************

AT&T has discontinued their 2G service in the USA.  I was able to get RedPocket to send me a new GSMT (tmobile) 4G SIM card, and had them port over the number and account.  Tmobile/RedPocket Pay as you go Refills are $10 for 30 days.  This is the cheapest SIM and service I can find.  I can confirm that the RedPocket GSMT pay as you go tmobile SIM works in the TK103 GPS tracker as of 1/23/2017.  If you have trouble, send the SMS command ‘begin123456’ and re-initialize the tracker once the new sim is in and the power has been cycled.

Playing Epoch by Larry Miller on the Apple ][c

Playing Epoch by Larry Miller on the Apple ][c


So I decided to bust/dust out the old Apple IIc.  Amazingly it still works.  Too bad I only have one disk.  It was an awesome feeling when I realized I still knew a few AppleDos commands such as ‘catalog’ and ‘brun filename’.  This was my first computer and it will be sad to let it go.  I remember my old wardialing days with a hayes 300 smartmodem. Imagine my excitement when the disk booted right up, and I played Brick Out for the first time in over 25 years in monochrome green. Classic.

I am selling it to some hobbyist in Texas and am glad it is going to a good home.

Epoch by Larry Miller 1981 Apple IIc
Epoch by Larry Miller 1981 on an Apple IIc

How to Fix the iTunes Restore/Update 3194 error on my iPhone 4 Jailbroken with iOS 6.1.2, Updating to iOS 7.0

Here is how I fixed the iTunes restore/update 3194 error on my iPhone 4 Jailbroken with iOS 6.1.2, updating to iOS 7.0


What didn’t work:

-removing all gs.apple.com entries from the Hosts file

-reinstalling iTunes 11.1

-removing all extra USB devices.


What DID work:


-installing iTunes 11.1

-Plug in phone, Yes to backup, Yes to update



7 Stitches in My Finger

I cut my finger really bad while lifting a computer case on Friday. Took seven stitches, a tetanus shot, $100 and four hours.

I Cut My Finger
I Cut My Finger
7 Stitches
7 Stitches

How to Stop and Take Down Debt Collection Call Centers with Just Your iPhone

How to Stop and Take Down Debt Collection Call Centers with Just Your iPhone

The ‘Wollenberg Attack‘ is a simple iPhone based conference call attack on annoying debt collector and telemarketer calls.  I came up with this revenge tool after receiving many repetitive annoying calls from debt collectors.  I image you can apply the same principals to any modern telephone with conference call capabilities.

The problem – You receive multiple calls over and over from the same call center.

The solution – Call them all back, only this time we are going to call them back all at once!

The Wollenberg Attack:

Take Down Call Centers with a Single iPhone
Take Down Call Centers with a Single iPhone

We are going to tie up 4-12 Call Center employees at a time, for as long as you like.  This will certainly be noticed by the debt collection company management.  After we hold their expensive call center hostage with just your cell phone, we will demand they lose the number.  If we are threatened with legal action, we will remind them that they called us, and that we are just calling them back (just all at once :>  ).

1. Answer a phone call from a collections call center, and demand that they stop calling you, then hang up. This puts the # in your Recents list on your iPhone.

2. Dial the # back. (it is important not to mute the line, just don’t say anything)

3. When the call gets answered, hit the ‘add call‘ button on your iPhone

4. Click on ‘Recents‘, and dial back the SAME # in step 2.

5. When that call answers, hit ‘merge calls‘ on your iPhone

6. Now repeat steps 2-5 until you have several calls conferenced together.

I like to get about 5 or 6 agents on the phone, screaming at each other.  Some will hang up, i just keep calling back and adding more conference calls to the same number.  At some point the agents will figure out that something fishy is going on.  Try VERY HARD not to bust out laughing.

After about 10-15 minutes of tying up their employees, I usually chime in and say something like


and then hang up, and try not to die laughing….