The Wollenberg Pager Bomb Attack

The Wollenberg Pager Bomb Attack

Destroy your enemy by flooding them with calls from angry pager owners.

Here’s How!

1. The Enemy: Lets say your enemy has the phone number of 714-999-8888.  We are going to ‘pager bomb’ him.

2a. Obtain a Pager #: Since most people will only answer a page from the same area code, we need some local pager numbers (714 in this example).  Google search something like “714 pager number”

2b.  Refine a Pager #: I find that doctors are the only ones using pagers nowadays.  This is perfect because they usually really don’t like to be paged (especially while on the golf course right?).  Also, they are easier to find, because hospitals and office often list emergency pager numbers on thier website.  PERFECT!.  So modify that Google search to something more like “714 emergency pager number” or “714 doctor pager”.  You get the idea.

Example: google search link lists

Primary Pager: 714-506-4004  Secondary Pager: 714-506-4005 These are doctors pager numbers.  They will not be happy to be paged unnecessarily.  Too bad for our enemy, he will have to deal with it.

2c. Expand and Find Pager Block:  Most pager #’s are sold in blocks.  Therefore if 714-506-4004 and 714-506-4005 are pagers, then yep you guessed it, 714-506-4006 thru 714-506-4100 are probably also pager numbers.  Call and confirm where the number suffix ends for the block.  Basically you have found 714-506-4004, and then discovered 100 more pager numbers by just incrementing the last four digits.  EASY.

You should now have at least 20 pager numbers.

Step 3. The Attack: Start dialing away, you know how a pager works.  Dial the pager, wait for the beep, then enter the Enemy’s phone number.  Repeat with the next pager number.

Note: use the memory recall button on your phone to store the enemy’s number so you don’t have to retype it over and over.

Suggestion:  Get an old PC with a fax modem, and a copy of FreeDOS, and your favorite wardialing program such as GunBelt (yes I am that old) and automate the whole attack.


Your victim should now recieve many calls from pissed off people, wondering why he paged them.  After about the 40th call in 10 minutes, the attack can be considered ‘successful’.


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Cramming Charges In Your Cell Phone Bill

Cramming Charges In Your Cell Phone Bill

Here are all the bullshit extra charges, taxes, tariffs, fees and surcharges I get charged every month for my AT&T cell phone.

Surcharges and Other FeeshelpCharges (other than taxes) that are required or authorized by law

Total Surcharges and Other Fees $2.92
Administrative Fee $0.61
Federal Universal Service Charge $1.80
Regulatory Cost Recovery Charge $0.46
State Public Utility Surcharge $0.05

Government Fees and Taxes

Total Government Fees and Taxes $0.95
CA Advanced Services Fund (CASF) $0.04
CHCF A $0.11
CHCF B $0.08
Relay Service Device Fund $0.05
State 911 Tax $0.19
Teleconnect Fund $0.16
Universal Lifeline $0.32
Total Other Charges & CreditsttTotalOtherChargesCreditsItems that decreased or increased your total amount due. This could be the result of payments to your account, or changes in service since your previous bill. $3.87

How to Stop and Take Down Debt Collection Call Centers with Just Your iPhone

How to Stop and Take Down Debt Collection Call Centers with Just Your iPhone

The ‘Wollenberg Attack‘ is a simple iPhone based conference call attack on annoying debt collector and telemarketer calls.  I came up with this revenge tool after receiving many repetitive annoying calls from debt collectors.  I image you can apply the same principals to any modern telephone with conference call capabilities.

The problem – You receive multiple calls over and over from the same call center.

The solution – Call them all back, only this time we are going to call them back all at once!

The Wollenberg Attack:

Take Down Call Centers with a Single iPhone
Take Down Call Centers with a Single iPhone

We are going to tie up 4-12 Call Center employees at a time, for as long as you like.  This will certainly be noticed by the debt collection company management.  After we hold their expensive call center hostage with just your cell phone, we will demand they lose the number.  If we are threatened with legal action, we will remind them that they called us, and that we are just calling them back (just all at once :>  ).

1. Answer a phone call from a collections call center, and demand that they stop calling you, then hang up. This puts the # in your Recents list on your iPhone.

2. Dial the # back. (it is important not to mute the line, just don’t say anything)

3. When the call gets answered, hit the ‘add call‘ button on your iPhone

4. Click on ‘Recents‘, and dial back the SAME # in step 2.

5. When that call answers, hit ‘merge calls‘ on your iPhone

6. Now repeat steps 2-5 until you have several calls conferenced together.

I like to get about 5 or 6 agents on the phone, screaming at each other.  Some will hang up, i just keep calling back and adding more conference calls to the same number.  At some point the agents will figure out that something fishy is going on.  Try VERY HARD not to bust out laughing.

After about 10-15 minutes of tying up their employees, I usually chime in and say something like


and then hang up, and try not to die laughing….

Pictures from the Ronnie Mund Block Party Jamaican Getaway at the Rose Hall Hilton March

Just had an AWESOME weekend at the Ronnie Mund Jamaica Getaway at the Rose Hall Hilton resort in Montego Bay Jamaica.

All the guys were there! Ronnie Mund, Shuli Egar, JD Harmeyer, Beetlejuice, John Tole, Maddog Maddern and the lovely Danielle Stewart.

We had a blast! The comedy shows were funny and very diverse. The comedy workshop contest was pretty entertaining as well, and the winner walked away with $1000 cash courtesy of I went sailing, drinking, eating, and relaxing. It was a great trip thanks to the hard work of CleanBox Entertainment.

The Stern fans seemed to be the most happy! I think they truly enjoyed their experiences with the guys from the show! I know they had an awesome time at the comedy show. The trip offered an intimate, unique opportunity for these fans to be a little bit closer to their favorite show.

As former tour manager of the Killers Of Comedy Tour, and current Cleanbox Entertainment backoffice crew, this trip was not to be missed! Special Props goto Dan Young for his excellent services as Tour Manager of the Ronnie Mund Block Party.

Bitcoin Reaches All Time High of $43

Bitcoin has quadrupled in value in the past few months.

Today on March 5, 2013 Bitcoin hit a high of over $43.  A $100 investment before in Dec 2012 would give you about $400-500 return today.

I trade on


Torn MCL and ACL + Surgery

On January 20th 2013 I was injured riding dirt bikes and torn my right knee MCL and ACL in the Cajon Pass Trestles / Baldy Mesa OHV.


I was following my brother Evan and his friend Scott Royce on some sick trails about 10 miles out from base camp.  Doing about 30+, I came around a corner and faced a dire situation.  My brother had stopped abruptly so as not to fly off a medium sized 10 ft cliff.  I had a choice, either run straight into him and crash us both, or ditch the bike and take one for the team.  Even though I had about a half a second to make a decision before impact, I am glad I avoided colliding with the other rider and hurting us both.

I had surgery on Jan 30th at the Laguna Hills Surgery Center.  My doctor was the excellent Scott Graham.

It has been over a week now and I am healing well. The medication is helping lol…


Gambling Cheats

I have always been fascinated at the lengths casino cheats will go to.  I wonder if there is a band of gambling cheats who solely prey on small local casino night fundraising events….?