Cramming Charges In Your Cell Phone Bill

Cramming Charges In Your Cell Phone Bill

Here are all the bullshit extra charges, taxes, tariffs, fees and surcharges I get charged every month for my AT&T cell phone.

Surcharges and Other FeeshelpCharges (other than taxes) that are required or authorized by law

Total Surcharges and Other Fees $2.92
Administrative Fee $0.61
Federal Universal Service Charge $1.80
Regulatory Cost Recovery Charge $0.46
State Public Utility Surcharge $0.05

Government Fees and Taxes

Total Government Fees and Taxes $0.95
CA Advanced Services Fund (CASF) $0.04
CHCF A $0.11
CHCF B $0.08
Relay Service Device Fund $0.05
State 911 Tax $0.19
Teleconnect Fund $0.16
Universal Lifeline $0.32
Total Other Charges & CreditsttTotalOtherChargesCreditsItems that decreased or increased your total amount due. This could be the result of payments to your account, or changes in service since your previous bill. $3.87

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