Pictures from the Ronnie Mund Block Party Jamaican Getaway at the Rose Hall Hilton March

Just had an AWESOME weekend at the Ronnie Mund Jamaica Getaway at the Rose Hall Hilton resort in Montego Bay Jamaica.

All the guys were there! Ronnie Mund, Shuli Egar, JD Harmeyer, Beetlejuice, John Tole, Maddog Maddern and the lovely Danielle Stewart.

We had a blast! The comedy shows were funny and very diverse. The comedy workshop contest was pretty entertaining as well, and the winner walked away with $1000 cash courtesy of I went sailing, drinking, eating, and relaxing. It was a great trip thanks to the hard work of CleanBox Entertainment.

The Stern fans seemed to be the most happy! I think they truly enjoyed their experiences with the guys from the show! I know they had an awesome time at the comedy show. The trip offered an intimate, unique opportunity for these fans to be a little bit closer to their favorite show.

As former tour manager of the Killers Of Comedy Tour, and current Cleanbox Entertainment backoffice crew, this trip was not to be missed! Special Props goto Dan Young for his excellent services as Tour Manager of the Ronnie Mund Block Party.

Bitcoin Trading Crashes To $38 After .7 .8 Block Chain Fork Bug Announced

Bitcoin Trading Crashes To $38 After .7 .8 Block Chain Fork Bug Announced

Today Bitcoin BTC$ crashed to $38 from $48 following news that a block chain fork has occurred. According to realtime chat on the official Mt.Gox Chat Room, the bug occurred after the .8 Bitcoin software version was released. For more information stay tuned….

Read all about it here! has issued a statement stating :
Bitcoin blockchain issue – bitcoin deposits temporarily suspended

Bitcoin falls to $38 after block chain fork bug announced

Bitcoin falls to $38 after block chain fork bug announced

Windows 7 DOS Batch File to Open and Close Remote Computers’ CD/DVD Tray

CDME.bat Windows 7 DOS Batch File to Open and Close Remote Computers##Q## CD/DVD Tray

Sometime I get bored at work.

So I wrote this DOS batch file (cdme.bat) to open/close the CD/DVD tray on other peoples computers on the network.  It will ask you for the HOSTNAME of the target computer, and how many times you want to open/close the drive tray.  FUN FUN FUN :>




LoadMedia.exe (all written by Uwe Sieber)

Requires Admin rights to the target.

Assumes that target##Q##s c:\ drive has default admin share enabled: “c$” for file copy/cleanup.

PSexec or PSTOOLS needed on computer running the batch, not the target.



rem CDME.bat Written by Galen Wollenberg 2013

@echo off
set /p hostname= Enter Target Computer HOSTNAME:

set /p reps= Open/Close tray how many times?:
set /a times = “reps”

echo copying files…
@echo off
copy ejectmedia32.exe \\%hostname%\c$\windows\temp
copy ejectmedia64.exe \\%hostname%\c$\windows\temp
copy loadmedia.exe \\%hostname%\c$\windows\temp

echo Checking %hostname% for bits…
IF EXIST “%PROGRAMFILES(X86)%” (set bit=64) ELSE (set bit=32)
echo %hostname% is %bit% bits…
echo %times% total Open/Close cycles requested…
echo %reps% cycles remaining…



IF “%reps%” == “0” GOTO END
psexec \\%hostame% c:\windows\temp\ejectmedia32.exe d
rem wait 2 seconds
ping -n 1 -w 2000 > nul
psexec \\%hostname% c:\windows\temp\loadmedia.exe d:
rem wait 2 seconds
ping -n 1 -w 2000 > nul
set /a reps = reps – 1
echo %times% total Open/Close cycles requested…
echo Ok, %reps% cycles remaining…



IF “%reps%” == “0” GOTO END
psexec \\%hostname% c:\windows\temp\ejectmedia64.exe d
rem wait 2 seconds
ping -n 1 -w 2000 > nul
psexec \\%hostname% c:\windows\temp\loadmedia.exe d:
rem wait 2 seconds
ping -n 1 -w 2000 > nul
set /a reps = reps – 1
echo %times% total Open/Close cycles requested…
echo Ok, %reps% cycles remaining…

echo deleting files…
@echo off
del \\%hostname%\c$\windows\temp\ejectmedia32.exe
del \\%hostname%\c$\windows\temp\ejectmedia64.exe
del \\%hostname%\c$\windows\temp\loadmedia.exe

echo All Done! CD Tray opened/closed %times% times on %hostname% !



2004 Honda CRF250r for Sale – Laguna Beach, CA

2004 Honda CRF250r for Sale – Laguna Beach, CA


This Honda CRF250r has all the Upgrades!

Yoshimura Pipe

ASV Levers

Renthal Bars

Aftermarket Pegs and Shifter

Renthal Rear Sprocket

Aftermarket Hubs

Moose Racing Wheels

Much More!


Pink Slip in Hand

Registered till June 2014

txt or call 949-813-3691

Available in Laguna Beach, CA.

04 Honda CRF250 for Sale 04 Honda CRF250 for Sale 04 Honda CRF250 for Sale 04 Honda CRF250 for Sale 04 Honda CRF250 for Sale 04 Honda CRF250 for Sale 04 Honda CRF250 for Sale 04 Honda CRF250 for Sale 04 Honda CRF250 for Sale 04 Honda CRF250 for Sale 04 Honda CRF250 for Sale 04 Honda CRF250 for Sale 04 Honda CRF250 for Sale 04 Honda CRF250 for Sale 04 Honda CRF250 for Sale


Asking $2250.

Shuli for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

Shuli for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

Howard Stern Comedian SHULI EGAR‘s iPhone App written by Galen Wollenberg

Shuli – The iPhone App

Shuli Egar is a comedian who first appeared on the Howard Stern Radio Show in June 2003. When Stern moved to Sirius, Shuli was made the host of the “Miserable Men” show. He was later promoted to be an on-air reporter for Howard 100 news, focusing on stories about The Wack Pack and filling in for Lisa G and Steve Langford when they’re out.

His go-getter attitude landed him a full-time gig, which ballooned into coveted slots on the popular Stern Show roasts, as well as becoming a contributor to the Scott Ferrall Show and co-host of the Sirius Satellite Radio programs The Jay Thomas Show and Miserable Men.

As if contributing to four radio programs wasn’t enough, Shuli hit the road every weekend across the country as part of the Killers of Comedy tour, which featured a rotating cast consisting of Stern Show regulars such as Jim Florentine, Sal “the Stockbroker” Governale, Richard Christy, Yucko the Clown and Beetlejuice. Shuli, clad in his mustard-yellow Howard 100 News jacket, hosted each performance and got crowds amped with his unique and humorous looks at the “dangers” of smoking pot, life as a Jew and the behind-the-scenes antics of the Stern Show.

The Killers of Comedy ended its run, but Shuli is embarking on another trek across America with the Miserable Men Comedy Show starring Shuli and Miserable Men co-hosts Mark Byrnes and Mike Morse. The radio program – currently one of only two live weekend shows on Stern’s two stations – tackles male-related subjects in a no-holds barred approach and the tour promises to do just that and then some.

And Now, There’s an App for Shuli !

* Make Sure Your iPhone Is NOT on VIBRATE, The VOLUME is UP, and Your HAND doesn’t COVER the SPEAKER. *

What’s New in Version 1.1

+ Added iPad Support. Universal Binary.

Buy App In iTunes

Shuli Egar iPhone App


Christmas Audio Free for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

Christmas Audio Free for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store written by Galen Wollenberg

Christmas Audio is the best iPhone and iPod Touch holiday sound effects app there is! With 16 different Christmas sounds, you can create your own festive music or sound effects. It’s the perfect office cheer app this holiday season! Entertain your kids for hours, they love it!

Also includes SHAKE capability. Just SHAKE your iPhone to play random Christmas sounds! If You Like It, Please Rate It! :> Thanks!

Create your own holiday tune or just cheer your friends. Don’t let its simplicity fool you, this app is very dynamic and entertaining! A must have for Christmas!


Sounds include:
Frosty the Snowman
Have you been a Good Boy? (Santa)
Merry Christmas (Group)
Ho-Ho-Ho (Santa)
Holly Jolly Christmas
Look a Lot Like Christmas
We Wish You a Merry Christmas
La La La La
Have you been a Good Girl? (Santa)
Merry Christmas
Sleigh Bells
Winter Wonderland
Mr. Grinch
Silver Bells

*If app crashes after install, you need to do one of these:

1. Reboot iPhone. Press & hold power button and then slide the red slider when it appears.

2. Turn up the volume. Make sure Vibrate mode is off. Move your hand away from the bottom speaker.

3. Update your iPhone to firmware 4.1 or higher. Plug it into iTunes. Click on Yourname’s iPhone from left menu. Click on update iPhone button in center screen.

What’s New in Version 1.1

+Updated code to iOS 4.1

Buy App In iTunes




Christmas Audio iPhone App

Christmas Audio iPhone App

Bob Levy for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

Bob Levy for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

Bob Levy – iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch App.

Comedian Bob Levy is famous for his hilarious appearances on Sirius/XM’s The Howard Stern Show, The Miserable Men Show, Opie & Anthony, The Roast of Jim Florentine and many others.

With this app you can listen to 24 of Bob Levy‘s comical jokes and rants. Hear Bob interact with his famous little sidekick, the one and only BeetleJuice. The Fun Never Stops!

Press a button or shake your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to play Bob Levy‘s best wisecracks and quotes!

*Contains Adult Language and Subject Matter

Full Version includes 24 sounds:
+Before This
+Cut The BS
+Don’t Get Loud
+****in’ Sailors
+Get The **** Out
+Go Early
+How Did It Break
+How Old Are You
+Jump Off
+Guys With Masks
+Meet & Greet
+Needle Ride
+Non Smoking
+Read A Book
+I’m In Seattle
+Space Needle
+Tell Richard
+Tooth Broke
+Unicorn Head
+We Gotta Go
+What’s Howard Like
+What The ****

Buy App In iTunes






DEV INVADERS – An alien invasion game for iOS Developers

DEV INVADERS –  An alien invasion game for iOS Developers by Galen Wollenberg

An alien invasion game for iOS Developers.

Shoot developer Enemies down as you try to get your App in the App Store!

Have a ‘blast’ fighting your way through 6 levels of Enemy Code Errors, Bad Code Signing, 2.12 Rejections, Firmware Updates and Many More!

Hit Bonus items for extra lives and weapon upgrades.

DEV INVADERS will bring a smile to anyone. A MUST for any iPhone Developer!!

Tilt iPhone Left and Right to move. Tap Screen to shoot.

An alien invasion game for iOS Developers

An alien invasion game for iOS Developers





An alien invasion game for iOS Developers

An alien invasion game for iOS Developers

Robot Decision Maker Free iPhone App By Galen Wollenberg

Robot Decision Maker Free iPhone App By Galen Wollenberg

Just Ask the Robot a Simple Question!

Then Shake or Touch the Robot

And He will Tell you the Answer in his Robotic Voice!

Over 20 possible answers!

Fun Fun Fun!

What’s New in Version 1.2

LOUDER SOUND. Turned up the volume on all sounds.

View in iTunes



Robot Decision Maker Free

Robot Decision Maker Free

War Audio for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

War Audio for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store

Get into the Battlefield!
Hear and Play Explosions, Gunfire, Bomb Drops and More!

Features realistic military radio chatter.

War Audio is unique because you can play multiple warfare sound effects simultaneously. Create your own realistic battle sounds and music!

Great for a break at the office!

View in iTunes

War Audio for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App StoreWar Audio


War Audio for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad on the iTunes App Store was written by Galen Wollenberg

Ultimate Keygen Music Jukebox – iPhone App

Ultimate Keygen Music Jukebox
– iPhone App by Galen Wollenberg

Over 30 of the best keygen music you know and love!

Tap the screen to change songs.

Includes classic iconic favorites from:

Black Magic

View in iTunes

Ultimate Keygen Music Jukebox iPhone App by Galen Wollenberg

Reactor Firefighter – iPhone/iPad App

Reactor Firefighter – iPhone/iPad App

The reactors have been damaged and are overheating.
As a Brave and Heroic Firefighter, Your Mission is to spray water on the reactors to cool them down before they explode!

Reactor Firefighter

Cool the reactors down before they overheat, explode and meltdown. Use your firetruck to spray water on the reactors. Dangerous radiation is released if the reactors get too hot, or explode.

Reactor Firefighter is a iOS app written by Galen Wollenberg.

What’s New in Version 1.1

+Fixed Reactor 1 temp meter placement.
+misc bug fixes.

View in iTunesAvailable on iTunes!

Reactor Firefighter – iPhone / iPod Game App

Solar Powered Linksys WRT54g Router w DD-wrt and HotSpotSystem

I have built a solar powered Linksys WRT54g router setup.

1. WRT54g router 12v 1a with DDwrt v24 and ($20 ebay)
2. 10amp solar charger controller 12v ($10 ebay)
3. 2x 10watt solar panels 12v ($22 each ebay)
4. 1.4 Ah 12v battery ($16 Frys)
5. 20dB gain Yagi directional antenna ($10 ebay)
6. Reverse RP-TNC male to RP-SMA female adapter ($2 ebay)
7. (will purchase waterproof box) $10 or similar



Works perfectly but needs a bigger battery. The 1.4Ah 12v sealed battery only lasts about 2 hours when the charge stops. I read somewhere that a 7.2Ah battery should work, which makes sense if I want to get roughly 7x more power time (if 1.4Ah=2hours then 7.2Ah should equal about 10 hours…)


The solar charge controller is awesome! Each panel puts out about 15-18v in medium cloudy sunlight at about 0.6amps each. The controller charges the battery to about 13.8v, then automatically switches to a float charge to about 14.1v. After full charge I could disconnect 1 panel and still maintain power to the router and a positive charge to the battery.


The panels are chinese 10Watt models from ebay. They seem to be pretty good, as it does not take much sunlight to generate 12-14v (in the medium shade). They will easily produce 18v each in full direct sunlight.


The Yagi is a 20 or 24 dB gain directional with a 30 degree cone spread signal. Haven’t done any testing as I am still in crutches after knee surgery and don’t want to go across the street and walk around.



Here is the 7.5 AH 12volt battery installed. The unit will power the WRT54G router for well over 8 hours. I put the whole thing in a waterproof box, however I am planning on drilling some holes for PVC pipes to vent and to affix the antennas to.


I found this cool Solar Powered Brewery bottlecap and decided it was perfect for a heatsink. So I glued it onto the main Broadcom chip for some heat dispersion.


Bottlecap heatsink on WRT54G router.


Installed in waterproof box. Must provide ventilation. Using stock antennas until the RP-TNC and RP-BNC adapters come in the mail.


Setup in action on a sunny day.







I have put together an Arduino Solar Panel Sun Tracker. Check out the code and project page!


Torn MCL and ACL + Surgery

On January 20th 2013 I was injured riding dirt bikes and torn my right knee MCL and ACL in the Cajon Pass Trestles / Baldy Mesa OHV.


I was following my brother Evan and his friend Scott Royce on some sick trails about 10 miles out from base camp.  Doing about 30+, I came around a corner and faced a dire situation.  My brother had stopped abruptly so as not to fly off a medium sized 10 ft cliff.  I had a choice, either run straight into him and crash us both, or ditch the bike and take one for the team.  Even though I had about a half a second to make a decision before impact, I am glad I avoided colliding with the other rider and hurting us both.

I had surgery on Jan 30th at the Laguna Hills Surgery Center.  My doctor was the excellent Scott Graham.

It has been over a week now and I am healing well. The medication is helping lol…


How To UNLOCK a Password Protected Western Digital WD SATA Hard Drive Without Knowing the Master or User Password


How To UNLOCK a Password Protected Western Digital WD, IBM or Hitachi SATA Hard Drive Without Knowing the Master or User Password 


Look, you are here for a reason.  You are stuck.  The drive is locked and you’re screwed. The whole reason for this post is to HELP YOU OUT. I’m not the author. This software can be found in its bare form for free.  I made this available because as a fellow man, I know what its like to help a bro out.

What I’m trying to say is if this works for you, please help out the next guy by posting your experiences at the bottom of this page as a comment.  Thanks! :>



I have made everything easier and more clear.  Now you just boot from an .iso file and it does the rest automatically.

*This guide was intended for Western Digital drives only at this time. I have some reports that software also works on IBM and Hitachi IDE/SATA drives, but I have not confirmed that yet by myself, so I do not claim that it will here yet.  If you unlock a non-WD drive, please post your results as a comment.  See Step 8 for IBM/Hitachi command line switches. Thanks.

1. Read everything on this page.  You need to understand that you need a compatible chipset, proper SATA/IDE BIOS settings, and that the WD Unlocker Software only unlocks hard drive bios passwords, and has *only been tested on Western Digital drives.  It has not been tested on SED self encrypted drives.




2. Repeat Step 1.

3. You will need:

SATA/IDE hard drive connected to the primary 1 or secondary 2 slot or plug.

Updated list of supported drives (no guarantees):

Maxtor (except STM),WD,Toshiba,Quantum
Fujitsu (except MHW,MHZ,MHY,MJA). There is a mistake for MHX
Nikimi (former Quantum & Maxtor)
MDT (former WD)
Native Hitachi (DK-xx,HTC..G7AT00)
IBM/HGST (many models,except 100h_byte_NVRAM & 4K-NVRAM & 2.5″ with blue controllers. (mcu=ARM & B9A3..), disks without NVRAM)
ExcelStore(former HGST).
Seagate(with parallel flash)+Grand(UX with serial flash).


SATA/IDE ONLY! NO USB! (not tested, no guarantees)

Compatible chipset.  I recommend early Intel based with both IDE+SATA support such as Pentium4 based. I know for a fact that a modern quad core based system such as a Dell T3500 or Lenovo s20 Thinkstation DO NOT WORK.  You need an OLDER chipset. I can confirm a HP Compaq d530 desktop WILL WORK. The first time I unlocked a drive, the software failed to detect the drive on two more modern motherboards, until I tried a different third older motherboard and it worked. Knowing this will save you hours of frustration.




BIOS SATA/IDE controllers set to the most NATIVE and non-AHCI or non-RAID mode you can set. This setting will vary greatly between motherboards. Try every setting if something fails or the unlocker does not see a drive.  You can test a good setting by booting and running a copy of MHDD 4.x (mhdd32ver4.5.iso). If MHDD detects and lists the hard drive, then your BIOS settings are correct.  If you cannot see the drive, try different drive controller settings in your bios, or get another motherboard.

USB flash drive  or  blank cd/dvd disc and burner drive to burn the .iso file.

-the WD Unlocker Software .exe file (*written by Moltke) and a boot .iso. This software is freely available on the internet. I have done all the other extra hard work and created a complete boot package with all the files you need ready to go. This includes the hours of research, file procurement, creating a boot .iso, modified and optimized the startup configuration, and then repackaged these up with nice easy instructions. No fucking viruses here. If you don’t want to donate, go click around and download from the russian forums and try your luck. Either way you still need a boot package.  The prepared package is available if you like for a small donation here:

Download ZU Hard Drive Unlocker files here:

Add to CartView Cart
Pay With Bitcoin







 **** Warning the .rar file you might be tempted to download from OTHER untrusted links has a very nasty new variant of the Win32/Virut virus.  DON’T DOWNLOAD IT!  You get what you pay for! Look you can mess around and register at a dozen Russian forums, download and open a hundred infected zip files, but I’m telling you, don’t waste your time, I’ve already done all the work for you.


Unlocker Boot .iso Package Price has increased to $4.99 as of 6/7/2013

You will be emailed a download link after checkout.

 No Guarantees. No Refunds. No Support. No Returns. All Transactions are FINAL.

I didn’t write the unlocker software, it will either work or it won’t. I have only compiled and repackaged into a easy to use ready to go download. Your small donation goes to offset my site server costs…   but hey! It’s only two bucks! Otherwise, your drive is a guaranteed useless dead brick.  

4. Download the above software file and save itOpen the .zip/compressed folder.

5. Insert USB Flash Drive. (you could alternatively burn the .iso file to CD or DVD and boot from that instead and skip to Step 8):

6.  ——> From the .zip package file you downloaded n Step 3 <——— , Run YUMI- and install the Unlocker_Boot_Image.iso file on the USB Drive.  YUMI will format and erase all data on the USB drive, so backup any important files first. See the readme.jpg graphic.  (The Unlocker_Boot_Image.iso file is only available/downloadable from the shopping cart in step 3.)

Install Unlocker Boot Image on USB Drive

Install Unlocker Boot Image on USB Drive

7. After your boot USB flash drive has been created, Open the USB drive folder and copy the file /multiboot/menu/menu.lst to the root / and /multiboot folders.  Copy/Paste it back to the USB drive into these two folders-> ‘ / ‘ (root) and  ‘/multiboot/’ .  This fixes a GRUB error that sometimes keeps the boot menu from showing.  Basically just copy the menu.lst file to every folder on the USB Drive to enable GRUB to find it. If you do not do step 7, your boot will probably (but not necessarily) fail at the GRUB prompt.     YUMI boot menuunlocker

8. Boot to the USB drive on the computer with the locked drive attached. Choose “Directly Bootable ISOs or Windows XP” from the YUMI boot menu.  Then Choose  “Boot Unlocker_Boot_Image.iso” from the GRUB boot menu. The unlocker software should automatically load some drivers and start.  My drive took 80 minutes to unlock.  Just let it work.  If you must quit hit CTRL+C.   You may restart the unlocker by typing ‘unlock.exe /A‘ (all) or ‘unlock.exe /P‘ (primary) or ‘unlock.exe /S‘ (slave/secondary) at the dos prompt. For Hitachi Global Star HGST / IBM drives add a ‘.’   Type ‘unlock.exe /P.‘   “.” for .  For Native Hitachi drives add an ‘8’. If you have success at unlocking a drive, please post a comment adding any additional knowledge that you can share, thanks! :>


 unlock.exe /A = Western Digital drive on (A)ll controllers

 unlock.exe /S. =  IBM or Hitachi Global Star drive on secondary controller

 unlock.exe /P8  = native Hitachi drive on primary controller

Grub Boot Error? You didn't read Steps 1, 2 & 7

Grub Boot Error? Read Step  7 then Step 1.






If You Have Success In Unlocking Your Hard Drive Using This Software, Please Post Your Results As a Comment to This Page So That You May Help Others.  Thanks



 THANK YOU MOLTKE !  You Deserve all the Credit.


~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~           OLD INSTRUCTIONS:


So, you have a WD hard drive that has been password locked on the drives own bios, and you can’t format or partition it at all….


-Hiren’s Boot CD .iso file (i used a combo of v9.2 and 14) -a dos program called ZU.  There is a download link below in the instructions.

-your locked SATA drive hooked up to a computer with a compatible controller chipset. -The motherboard bios must be set to SATA NATIVE.  It Cannot be set to AHCI, RAID modes.  So play around with setting your sata controllers to NATIVE.  We want no IDE controllers! Just Sata.

A FEW KEY POINTS: This tutorial is only for IF YOU DO NOT HAVE THE MASTER, USERhi or USERmax hard drive lock password. This is not the computers bios password. However, the hard drive unlock password is set from within the computers BIOS. This is not the bios password set on the motherboard bios, this is the Password locking the drive from IO read/writes from below the computer’s bios level.

The HEX dump / MHDD 4.5 method did not work on my drive.  The scripts would error out and not dump the hex 22.bin file.  But i was still able to unlock the drive……. The SATA controller on the motherboard matters.  I tried two modern computers with no avail (Lenovo thinkstation s20 and Dell T3500).  I only got it to work when hooked up to an older P4 based computer with IDE and SATA plugs.  I tried for 2 whole days on the new systems before i moved to an older chipset and got it to work.



HDDUNLOCKER = its $50 im not paying

A-FF Repair Station = again, its $50 and im not paying

hdparm linux commands = Secure Erase and all those commands are worthless without a password

HDDERASE.exe = still need the password

HDDHACKR.exe = wouldn’t dump sectors 16-21 for me due to NO DRQ error.  i suspect this is related to hooking up to a motherboard drive controller that isnt compatible.

Victoria = still need the password

MHDD 4.6 = You need the mhdd.exe scripts anyways.  download and find dump, dump2 and dump48 scripts in the zip file called “”. google it.  it also contains a perfect 512byte cs.bin file.  I tried for 2 days to get the scripts to dump my hex password 22.bin file  but they wouldn’t.  I could never get past the NO DRQ or DRIVE ERROR msg in the last line of the dump scripts.  READ ON BRAVE UNLOCKER!  there is a way!

MFG MASTER PASSWORDs: Didn’t work for me.  I suspect this is because this drive came from a secure bizhub konica minolta copier and the MASTER pw was changed from  default.   ‘WDCWDCWDCWDCWDCWDCWDCWDCWDCWDCWD’ , ‘h20insyde’ and all the rest did not work BUT YOU SHOULD PROBABLY TRY THEM IN MHDD FIRST! here is a list:

SEAGATE -> “Seagate” +25 spaces

MAXTOR series N40P -> “Maxtor INIT SECURITY TEST STEP ” +1 or +2 spaces series N40P -> “Maxtor INIT SECURITY TEST STEP F” series 541DX -> “Maxtor” +24 spaces series Athena (D541X model 2B) and diamondmax80 -> “Maxtor”


FUJITSU -> 32 spaces

SAMSUNG -> “ttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt” (32 times t)

IBM series DTTA -> “CED79IJUFNATIT” +18 spaces series DJNA -> “VON89IJUFSUNAJ” +18 spaces series DPTA -> “VON89IJUFSUNAJ” +18 spaces series DTLA -> “RAM00IJUFOTSELET” +16 spaces series DADA-26480 (6,4gb) -> “BEF89IJUF__AIDACA” +15 spaces

HITACHI series DK23AA, DK23BA and DK23CA -> 32 spaces

TOSHIBA -> 32 spaces For xbox hdds try “XBOXSCENE” or “TEAMASSEMBLY” too    



SOFTWARE YOU DO NEED!:   zu = THIS IS THE MAGIC program.  As far as I know it ONLY WORKS ON WESTERN DIGITAL HARD DRIVES (although I could be wrong). You may download ZU WD Drive Unlocker here: Add to CartView Cart Pay With Bitcoin

You will be emailed a download link after checkout. No Guarantees. No Refunds. No Support. No Returns. All Transactions are FINAL. Do not contact me about refunds. There aren’t any. I didn’t write it, it will either work or it won’t. I do not make any money from this, your small donation is used to offset server costs…

(optional) MHDD 4.5 = still need the password to UNLOCK, but it tells you everything you need to know about the state of the locked drive.  Run from a bootable ISO cd or USB key.  DONT USE VERSION 4.6 that is in Hiren’s Boot CD.  GOOGLE AND FIND VERSION 4.5.  Google the file mhdd32ver4.5.iso, and create a bootable cd or usb out of it.

1. plug the drive into an older sata motherboard computer.

2. set your BIOS sata controllers to the most NATIVE and non AHCI or RAID mode you can.

3. Boot to your mhdd iso cd that you created.  This sets the DOS environment and memory manager and stuff.

4. MHDD -> press Shift+F3 and choose your drive.  if its not listed then either edit \mhdd\cfg\mhdd.cfg to enable the controllers or use another computer/motherboard/controller.

5. MHDD -> Press Shift+F2 to view the drive properties, it should say LOCKED (Note: it may also tell you the SECURE ERASE time in minutes.  Mine was ’80 Minutes’.  this is important to note)

6. Exit MHDD with ALT+X.  You should now drop to dos.

7. Run ZU.  you will obviously have to copy the file over, this is why i use a USB drive to boot my ISO, i can copy the file to the USB drive, Boot my ISO using YUMI Bootloader, Exit MHDD, change dos path to ‘C:\’ and then run my C:\ZU.exe program

try them all ‘ZU /’ or ZU /S or ZU /A, one of them should start and not error.

If you get an error or ‘Drive still locked’ msg then try a different command ie ZU /A

If you get something that says ‘ELAPSED TIME xxxxxxx’ then LET IT RUN FOR AS MANY MINUTES AS DENOTED IN step 5.  I let mine run for over 80 minutes.

So, after 80 minutes nothing happeded.  I hit CTRL+C and exited out of ZU.

Then I ran MHDD again, picked the drive using Shift+F3, then checked the status with Shift F2.  Then I exited MHDD

FINALLY, i ran ZU.exe /P as my drive was on the primary controller.  This time it worked! ZU betta reported ‘DRIVE UNLOCKED’ and i was able to now format, partition and otherwise use the drive as normal!


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In the previous release were actually  simple methods remove passwords. To remove the password on HDD HGST / IBM and Native Hitachi (cery _DK23DA, _DK23FA ..)
 they should be transferred to the so-called SafeMode.
 Support in this mode, and implemented with ZU2
 Since the screws go into this specialized treatment for different times (eg Native Hitachi to 2 minutes), for convenience, is now at the start of ZU, runs per second output message like ELAPSED 00:00:22 (00:00:23 ..) with naturally occurs poll preparedness on the specified parameter kanale.  poll if it continues obscenely long You can simply press any key. Work prg.budet finished with the message UNLOCK NOT DONE.
 To distinguish between vendors vvedny 2 qualifier
 "." for HGST / IBM
 "8" for Native Hitachi.
 Ie the type of command would for example be in the form
 ZU / S. :) battle with HGST on Secondary channel
 ZU / P8 disclaim NativeHitachi on Primary
 Translation SafeMode performed in different ways.
 From jumpers to PATA (for HGST) to "closing" NVRAM or special points on the PCB.
 In general, you can just try to power the controller otkruchenny from HDA.
 (Or unscrew the two screws on the side opposite the controller interface and slightly lift it
 toothpick :))
After ZU detect the drive and attack him, the PWG. will signal to Native Hitachi message "NOW YOU CAN SCREW IT IN.PRESS ANY KEY WHEN READY".
 In the first case, you just need [to the controller in place] neatly back bolts and press any key.
 In the second, turn off the power to fasten the controller to power the HDD and run ZU again with the same
 For IBM / HGST (ExcelStore) supported models from DTLA to HTS7225xxK9SA00 (5K250)

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Building Grendel’s 3dpVert for Sidewinder Joystick

I’m building the circuit now. Got the Teensy micro controller for the prjc store. The capacitors and resistors I got off eBay for less than $5 delivered. I will note that I should have bought a half sized breadboard, this one won’t fit in the USB hub case I’m going to use to encase the 3dpVert circuit.




Ronnie Mund Jamaican Getaway ~ I’m Going!

Well I’m going.  Because I work for  Cya there !

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One weekend. One island. All inclusive. All the guys from the show.

Ronnie Mund * Shuli * Yucko the Clown * Beetlejuice * John Tole * Mad Dog * JD * Sal the Stock Broker * High Pitch Mike & more…

Ever wanted to do karaoke with High Pitch Mike or play bocce ball with Beetlejuice? How about drinks at a swim up bar with Ronnie Mund and Sal the Stock Broker? Or maybe a comedy workshop with John Tole and Mad Dog? Sound like a dream? Oh, it’s very, very real.

Be one of a handful of fans to enjoy this one-of-a-kind opportunity at a luxury resort. Learn more.


Whoa, whoa, whoa, mon. Stop the clock!

For four days and three nights, the Hilton Rose Hall Resort in Montego Bay will be home to the greatest Ronnie Mund Block Party and meet and greet the world has ever seen.

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When you arrive in Jamaica, put your wallet away. A shuttle will pick you up at Sangster International Airport, and you can settle into your room at the Rose Hall Resort where your food, beverages and entertainment are included with your stay.

Choose from two types of rooms. Every room has a balcony and double occupancy is required.

The resort offers:

Extensive dining options including two fine dining restaurants with dress codes
1000 square feet of private beach for snorkeling, wind surfing, volleyball and more
An expansive swimming pool, water park, and spa
6 lighted tennis courts and 54 holes of the finest championship golf in the Caribbean
Optional excursions around Jamaica, and motorized activities like jet skiing


All the characters you love will be hanging out at the resort all weekend, dining, drinking and swimming with fans. Howard TV will be there to document the whole thing. The last night of the getaway will be a massive Ronnie Mund Block Party. In the mean time, you can enjoy:

A comedy workshop with John Tole and Mad Dog and a chance to perform at the Block Party
Bocce ball with Beetlejuice
Karaoke with High Pitch Mike
Hot chick bikini contest judged by Ronnie Mund
More events and activities TBA!*
* All events, activities and performers subject to change.

March 21-24 2012.

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Laguna Computer Ceases Public Services to Focus on Private Projects


Laguna Computer has ceased ALL COMPUTER REPAIR services to the public.  I have taken a job with Ambry Genetics / Mauli Ola Foundation and no longer offer computer repair services.  If you are trying to contact me for personal or commercial computer repair, web design or iOS development, sorry, you have reached a dead end. has evolved into my personal blog now.  Check back often, there should be some good stuff in here soon.  I’m a tech nut so its guns, computers, waves, robots, lockpicks, motorcycles, girls and all kinds of crazy stuff from here on out!

Sidewinder 3D Pro Joystick Gameport to USB adapter

Sidewinder 3D Pro Joystick Gameport to USB adapter

See the Completed Joystick Adapter!…inder-joystick/

Google: 3DP-Vert


Finally, I can use the finest gameport joystick I have ever owned with Windows 7!


Playing Online Multiplayer Descent and Descent 2 on Windows 7

I am Playing Online Multiplayer Descent and Descent 2 on Windows 7!

Buy a copy of both games for only $6 total:


Descent I & II Internet Game Tracker:  See who is playing now!