Torn MCL and ACL + Surgery

On January 20th 2013 I was injured riding dirt bikes and torn my right knee MCL and ACL in the Cajon Pass Trestles / Baldy Mesa OHV.


I was following my brother Evan and his friend Scott Royce on some sick trails about 10 miles out from base camp.  Doing about 30+, I came around a corner and faced a dire situation.  My brother had stopped abruptly so as not to fly off a medium sized 10 ft cliff.  I had a choice, either run straight into him and crash us both, or ditch the bike and take one for the team.  Even though I had about a half a second to make a decision before impact, I am glad I avoided colliding with the other rider and hurting us both.

I had surgery on Jan 30th at the Laguna Hills Surgery Center.  My doctor was the excellent Scott Graham.

It has been over a week now and I am healing well. The medication is helping lol…